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Is a law requiring an individual who is a convicted sex ...

Resolved Question:

Is a law requiring an individual who is a convicted sex offender, who served his time in full, be made to provide a DNA sample to local law enforcement during his required registration.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  jamest replied 9 years ago.
Hey, hope the following info is helpful.
I don't know exactly what crime your referring to but, here is the law dealing with required dna samples:
Section 651-C:2 651-C:2 DNA Analysis Required. –
I. Upon intake or prior to the release of any offender after conviction for the commission of any offense defined in RSA 651-C:1, VIII or IX, or commission of a similar offense prohibited by federal law or the laws of another state, whether on probation, conditional or unconditional release, completion of sentence, or release for any other reason, or prior to the release of any juvenile offender after a finding of delinquency, such person shall have a DNA sample taken for DNA analysis to determine identification characteristics specific to the person.
II. The analysis shall be performed under the direction of the division, following procedures in conformance with the federal ""DNA Identification Act of 1994''. Identifying characteristics of the resulting DNA profile shall be stored by the division in a DNA database compatible with and maintained by the CODIS system. Information in the database shall be made available only as provided in RSA 651-C:3.
III. The division shall prescribe procedures compatible with the Federal Bureau of Investigation's requirements for the CODIS program, to be used in the collection, submission, identification, analysis, storage, and disposition of DNA samples and DNA records obtained pursuant to this subdivision.
IV. The division may contract with third parties for the purposes of this subdivision. Any DNA sample sent to third parties for analysis shall be coded to maintain confidentiality concerning the donor of the sample.
V. A certificate and the results of the analysis shall be admissible in any court as evidence of the facts stated in the analysis.
VI. A law enforcement officer may use such means as are reasonably necessary to detain, restrain, and collect a DNA sample from an individual who refuses to cooperate in the collection of a sample.
VII. If the initial DNA sample collected from an individual is found to be deficient, a new sample shall be collected.
VIII. Any person required under this chapter to submit a DNA sample, including a juvenile offender who is required to submit a DNA sample prior to the juvenile's eighteenth birthday, who knowingly refuses to submit such sample for a period of 30 days after receiving notice from the division, the department of corrections, probation, parole, or other authorized representative of law enforcement shall be guilty of a class A misdemeanor.

If the person has not received notice, I don't think there is cause to worry.

heres the regulations specifically dealing with sex offenders, but mainly offenses against children, but i still don't see any requirement to submit a DNA sample to local law enforcement : see this site for full details

hope this helps.
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