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Ely, Counselor at Law
Category: Criminal Law
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Experience:  Private practice with focus on family, criminal, PI, consumer protection, and business consultation.
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my son has been incarcerated for over 6 months by

Customer Question

my son has been incarcerated for over 6 months by the federal government over a poem he wrote. They won''t even give him bail and they have been isolating him. There is more to this story but I can''t go into detail. The attorney we hired is taking our money but doesn''t seem to be doing anything for him. Is there any recourse available to us? How can I find an attorney that is NOT afraid to fight the federal government and is just as ruthless as they are? My son needs help and I don''t know where to turn.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Michelle replied 9 years ago.


I would like to assist, but I will need a bit more information - what is the charge he is being detained - what did the poem encompass and how old is your son.

Please provide that information at this time

Thanks ~ Michelle

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
He is being held on 2 different charges.

1. federal - for making terrorist threats

2. State - for posession of a firearm.

the state one stems from when he was a juvinel
and was adjucated a deliquent. ON lies and supposition. We have a court document that states noting about him being convicted of a
felony but because a State trooper made an official police report that was totally untrue and they don't want it coming out in public they
are running a kangaroo court where he cannot
even defend himself. Apparently the attorney we
had paid a lot of money to didn't even defend him
in court.

My son 24 years old. And doesn't deserve this kind of punishment.

There is alot more to this story but we need someone who will talk to us and let us know not what our options are

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