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4ren6, Forensics/Criminal Investigation
Category: Criminal Law
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Experience:  Over 20 years of Law Enforcement. Sworn expert witness in Criminal and Civil Law.
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What is the procedure of making a controlled buy of meth

Resolved Question:

what is the procedure of making a controlled buy of meth ,what kind of evidence is needed to make a case the police have no audio, no visual just the informants word against mine what is the meaning of a controlled buy in the state of idaho? thank you

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weiser, Idaho
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  sdee replied 11 years ago.
     You were set up. The authorities give the 'informant' marked bills to make a buy. After the buy, the 'informant' brings it to them. Then they close in and take all your money and look for the bills. That is a controlled buy. If you have ever heard of singing like a canary, this is what many people will do to spare themselves or have the sentence reduced at least. It is also known as rolling over on your source.
I hope this was helpful, please don't forget to check the accept box. sdee
Expert:  4ren6 replied 11 years ago.
From my Law Enforcemnet Experience the following is some examples.

Controlled buys are just that. "Controlled"

A warrant for the purchase made may have been made by the State DA,DEA,or your local and/state law enforcement agencies.

If this is the case then knowledge beforehand was known about you before the buy. The LEO involved then sent out either an undercover officer or someone not employeed by them to purchase the controlled substance. THIS IS OFTEN VIDEO TAPED AND/OR RECORDED.

Several buys over as long as two to three years (although rare) may take place.

Another technique is one of an undercover officer driving around with unmarked officers about 2 streets over. When the buy is made the marked units will move in. THIS IS A CONTROLLED BUY.

Other types of controlled buys that have stood up in court are indeed informants. They will work for the LEO's to do the buy. Most often they are wired. Sometimes not. So in the case of a trial the informant under State Law does not always need to or have to testify. It is the arresting officer that worked the buy that will testify. Confidential informants are just that. CONFIDENTIAL.

Here is a link concerning your 4th amendment rights and case history of different case's. One may foot your bill. Read through it.

In regards ***** ***** law as it pertains to your state. I find no specific procedures on Idaho. There is a Federal and National law in regards ***** ***** buys. The links below will assist you:

If you have trouble with some of these sites opening wait until monday. Due to security some agencies will shut the servers down until the normal work week.

Do not think that for a min. that they do not have audio or video. And like I said above the informant is confidential. And may not even have to testify in court. Their name may even remain secret.

I would stronly advise you to obtain legal counsel. Meth. is the number one growing drug problem in America today. Far surpassing Cocaine and its abuse. Meth. is highly addictive and cause's massive phsyical damage over time.

I will give you the benefit and say as the Law Enforcement Agency should say..........innocent until proven guilty. And that burden is on them and not you. Retain an attorney if you have been formally arrested.

If this has been of assistance please accept and leave feedback. If more assitance is needed please reply.

My answer is based on info provided by your posting.

4ren6, Forensics/Criminal Investigation
Category: Criminal Law
Satisfied Customers: 4794
Experience: Over 20 years of Law Enforcement. Sworn expert witness in Criminal and Civil Law.
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