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My spouse & father of our two sons, left our marital home

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My spouse & father of our two sons, left our marital home Oct 2017. Over a period of 9 months he was stealing money out of my bank account. I believe he did so by using my phone+bank app to request an ATM withdrawal code, that is entered at the atm instead of needing a card & by a duplicate debit card with the same number of the debit card I already had. The new debit card was the bank's attempt at damage control to prevent further withdrawals & unauthorized usage but the bank representative made errors. I never signed up for the ATM code service which seems very risky. People can hack your bank account username & password, gain access the bank website or app. I initiated an investigation with my bank not knowing it was him, as soon as I noticed the first 2 ATM withdrawals. I thought my account was being hacked. I also setup text alerts for every time an atm withdrawal was done. Taking money from the ATM was not normal activity which the bank even noted it had been 2 years before this started. I rarely used cash. The text alerts to notify withdrawals were coming in around 2am, 4am, all late hours.. I believed it was occurring in another country & I’d call to report each one. The bank started their investigation immediately & it cont after my account was completing negative. $600 a day was disappearing from my account (everyday). I requested to close the account & to withdrawal all the money when the investigation started. I was told that they couldn't close the account while an open investigation was pending. But the bank opened a new account for me & transferred the money to the new account. But again the bank errored by linking the new account to the existing account with the pending investigation. The link allowed a transfer from one account to another as a source of back up for funds if one account didn't have enough when an ATM withdrawal or transaction occurred & overdraft protection from the bank. Wells Fargo failed. This is the same year they were in a Class action lawsuit over account issues. Know that I did everything I could, communicating over the phone and with management at different local branches 50mi from me, to stop the activity, and get my money. NOTHING I could do, and they weren’t taking anything serious. Money is not like cable service, it’s the key to providing necessities and I was supporting 2 kids and myself alone. It was one bank rep/manager after another just saying anything to get me off the phone or out of the bank so they could go home while my life hit rock bottom completely struggling. I was losing everything owning 2 homes = 2 foreclosures, bankruptcy, court judgments & I couldn’t work in my career field with financial issues/ bad credit that I now had when I was in the high 700+ 800s, because I couldn’t pay my bills, I had to report financial issues with my security clearance and since I made plenty of money then, I looked like a risk, so my clearance was suspended. After being out of work over 15 months, I was finally hired but making $46k less than I did for the last 10 years. The bank missed several key areas during their investigation & didn’t acknowledge their errors. After sending me monthly notices saying that they were still investigating the claim, putting me off, stating “we apologize it is taking longer than normal” they returned a final result after 1yr 6mo from starting the investigation. They determined "someone that I authorized to use my debit card made the ATM withdrawals" & sent me a $200 check for "customer appreciation" for the "investigation taking so long". Over $65,000 gone. Before keeping that much money in my account, I made sure that the account/bank was insured. Because the bank determined they aren't at fault, I'm supposed to accept that answer. Why would they blame their self? & how do they do their own investigations to determine fault? I went to them to ask for help with protecting my account & made them fully aware when it started. I did my part. The investigation took too long! Are they at fault? Is there anything that I can do to the bank regarding the bogus investigation they claimed to have done? Can I do anything to my ex since he is the criminal?

Thank you for your question. Please permit me to assist you with your concerns.

Are you certain that this was your ex and not a different third party? Is the ex located in the US or in a different country at this point?

Customer: replied 9 days ago.
The ATM withdrawals were happening every day at the Well Fargo just 4 miles from my home. The ex was living in my home, when he was home, but staying in the basement.

Thank you for your follow-up.


Ultimately it is not up to the bank if you believe that you know who hacked or pursued your accounts. At this point the bank may consider it a situation where the other person may have had permission to pursue and as such there is no actual harm. I would suggest, and strongly suggest, that you consider pressing charges against the person who entered your accounts without permission, provide that evidence to the bank, and then seek a review. But keep in mind that the bank, ultimately, is not the police, and they can do their own investigation but cannot press charges on your behalf.




Isaac, Esq.



I see that you had an opportunity to review my information. Kindly do not forget to positively rate as otherwise I am not given credit for the work that I have provided to you. Thank you in advance!


Isaac, Esq.

Customer: replied 5 hours ago.
I was in deed satisfied with his answer. I intended to add 5 stars but apparently there was a mistake.
Customer: replied 5 hours ago.
How do I correct?
Customer: replied 5 hours ago.
Sorry, I now see that I wasn’t replying to a service agent but their message was the last in the window before I replied. I feel really bad about the accidental 2 stars...I logged on the website vice the app and sent customer service an email. I hope that I’m able to change the rating which I requested with my message.

Not a problem, and thank you for reaching out. The mistake will be rectified, thank you!

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