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socrateaser, Lawyer
Category: Consumer Protection Law
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FOR SOCRATEASER ONLY I was walking down a main street when I

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FOR SOCRATEASER ONLYI was walking down a main street when I go an important text. I was in a hurry to get to an appointment so I kept going but the text was urgent so I went ahead and responded. All of a sudden, I ran into a trash can that I didn’t see coming. I went head first into the trash can - one of those big, city varieties. It was pretty deep and someone had puked in it, so I puked too. AS I was thrashing about, a stranger came along and grabbed my wallet and I couldn’t even see their face. While thrashing about, I kicked out the window of a Mercedes parked nearby. The owner came along and called the police. Thank god, they called the fire department and they came and pulled me out and hosed me down. I had on a very expensive watch which they ruined. The cops gave me a ticked for loitering since I didn’t have any ID on me - (with my wallet being stolen dont you know).I don’t know what to do or who to do it too, but someone needs to pay. Please advise.Fire and ambulance fee $1500
Loitering ticket $340.
Cartier watch $15000.
Emergency room fees $1180.
Pain and suffering $ 50,000
eEmbarrassment and humiliation $10,000
Mercedes Window $860AT&T for unlimited talk & text service
The City for not posting “Do not text and Walk” signs
Apple for making the iPhone.I don’t know what to do or who to do it too, but someone needs to pay. Please advise.

Hello again,

You missed your calling. You should be a comedy writer.

I assume that your question is something like: Can I sue the city, police...somebody?

You can't sue the fire department for ruining your "watch," because they are immune from civil suit while attempting a rescue.

You can't sue the city, because you caused your injury by failing to "watch" where you were going.

Maybe you could sue your mobile device maker for creating a product that is so captivating that it causes users to be injured. This is, once again, a defect in design, manufacture or warning, that may make the device unreasonably dangerous for its intended use.

I think that about covers the issues. Thanks again for using Justanswer!

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