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I have bought two different airline tickets: - One was

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Hi there!
I have bought two different airline tickets:
- One was bought for the wrong date
- Another one I was unable to catch my flight.
First ticket:
My brother bought the ticket for the wrong date, and I only found out about it when I was already at the airport. When I went to the American Airlines ticket office to try to reschedule my ticket for the same day, it was almost double the price of a new ticket, so I gave up on this ticket that day.
Second ticket:
The ticket it was bought for the right date, but I had a setback and wasn’t able to make it. When I tried to cancel my withing 24h after I purchased it, the airline wasn’t able to provide me full refund because of the DOT law that says that for full refund must be 7 days prior to departure, and unfortunately it was 6 days prior to departure. The airline only offered me 20% of the final amount as refund, that I didn’t accepted, so I lost another ticket.
My question:
How is the most effective way to win a dispute? What do I need to do to open up a dispute trough my credit card about these two tickets? What is the exact procedure I should do to open up this dispute? What are the chances to win this dispute? Is there any trick or anything else I could do to win this dispute and receive my refund?
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.

If these tickets were fully refundable tickets then they have to refund them pursuant to the terms of the contract. If the tickets were non-refundable tickets they do not have to refund you and can charge you a change fee sometimes $200+ to book another flight with credit from that ticket. If you can prove you had a medical condition that prevented you from making any trip, that is pretty much the only way to dispute the tickets and get a refund and they can require you to provide proof of the medical condition.

If you open a dispute to your credit card company, you only need to call the credit card company to dispute the charges, but they are very reluctant and generally will NOT refund airline tickets because they do so much business with airlines and they know that the rules on ticket credits and refunds would not allow them to succeed in doing a charge back. So the only real way to get a refund is proving a medical documentation as to why you could not fly to the airline and seek a refund on that basis.

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