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socrateaser, Lawyer
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Satisfied Customers: 39027
Experience:  Retired (mostly)
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FOR SOCRATEASER ONLY: I dont know what you see on your end.

This answer was rated:

FORCustomerONLY: I dont know what you see on your end. I gave you an excellent rating and entered $20.00 tip for your wonderful help (I hope you can answer other questions I will post. If there is a specific timeframe to enter please advise. Quick is nice, but not if expert answers wrong, or has attitude. Not my first rodeo With J/A). Zack said because error page came up (showing old credit info which I changed) I had to ASK YOU ANOTHER QUESTION AND TIP YOU $20.00, A G A I N. I said they were penalizing me for their error. I OWE YOU $20 for excellent service. If you can correct this let me know. If you want me to ask How many wheels does a car have AND tip $20.00 again (which is sitting in my account) and you get the [single] tip, let me know. Cheers.

Pretty funny stuff. Thanks. A car has 9 3/4 wheels, but only if it's taller than 4 foot 1 inch. If it's white, then it has 2.25 wheels -- if mineral white, its 2.26 wheels.

As for rodeos, I only get 50% of those things, so if you really want to pay $20, then you may want to accept my premium services offer, so we can discuss the wheels in confidence.

If not, then that's okay too (or is it two...or to...I dunno).

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Customer: replied 11 months ago.

Thank you. How do I get $20 to you for first tip? Also company contacted me when i suggested settlement and offered: Quote

If you choose to move forward with this wrongful claim against the 'Company', I do intend to appear and notify the court that we have been wrongfully named. I am confident that this case will be dismissed against the 'Company'. I do hope you understand where I am coming from and hope you find the correct company. Unquote Cheers. PS I am disabled and dont always respond as I would like. Please do not take offense. I do need the help and am tired of AVVO. Hope I can afford your fine help.

Please contact me using the contact info in the services offer response. Thanks in advance for your confidence and for using Justanswer!