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I have suffered a great injustice by a hair transplant

Customer Question

I have suffered a great injustice by a hair transplant doctor with Bosley. In Bosley advertising they speak of repairing and restoring the hair I had lost, and surgery done by the best surgeons in the world. I inquired and was sold and was charged $1000 for my reservation spot, when arriving I met with a salesman given me so more literature. I agreed on 2800 grafts placed at $4.50 per graft. After surgery I was given a contract but could not read as my face was too swollen. The new contract they gave me said $5.50 per graft and that I might need further surgeries to reach my desired results. They never disclosed that information during the consult. Another thing they did not disclose was the potential pain and swelling involved post surgery. They did not disclose that I might be so swollen that my own family did not recognize me for almost 3 weeks. Even after 1 year, I have pain and weird spider-like crawling feelings on my scalp. And to top it off, the surgery looks incomplete. My question is why can't I get an attorney to accept my case. I have found several other litigants winning their cases for the same things Bosley did to me, but no one is interested. Why?
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  Janine Burke replied 9 months ago.


The answer to your question is because the case is a small claims case. The amount of money you would get would probably be less than what you would pay an attorney. I advise going and filing a small claims case in your county against the hair transplant doctor. The clerk will help you with the paperwork needed to file your claim against the doctor.

Expert:  Janine Burke replied 9 months ago.

Let me know if you have any other questions! But generally this is how these cases work. The damages have to be in the hundreds of thousands for most med mal attorneys to take them, but the good thing is you always have the option to file a claim yourself!