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I owe a credit card debt, and and Steeno P.C. have given me

Customer Question

JA: Hello. How can we be of help?
Customer: I owe a credit card debt, and Miller and Steeno P.C. have given me a court date at the end of the month. I called them, and to settle, they will accept just under $4,000.00, which I have borrowed from my 401k.
JA: What state is this in? And when did the issue begin?
Customer: I am in Rutherford County, TN. They are in St. Louis, MO
JA: Have you contacted the manufacturer?
Customer: Best Buy / HSBC was the originator.
JA: Anything else you want the lawyer to know before I connect you?
Customer: I emailed them a letter of agreement to pay the agreed amount yesterday. Miller and Steeno have not responded yet.
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  KnowYourRights replied 10 months ago.

Good afternoon. Can you share with me what exactly your question is?

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
How do I get a Law Firm to Send Me Documentation to agree a loan is/will be settled if I send them a check? I am being told and reading not to just send them the money. Can keep it and tell say you owe much more than they verbally agreed upon?
I heard the Law Firm doesn't have to accept your payment, they may want to go to Court instead, where they can get more money out you for all their costs.
A Law Firm (Miller and Steeno P.C. of St. Louis, MO.) is suing me over a credit card debt from 2012. I could not make high enough payments to pay it off. The interest was too high.
When I made a payment of $200.00, I received a statement which stated I owed more than before. I called the bank, but they wouldn't work with me. They only wanted $400.00 payments, which I could not afford. The Credit Card was from Best Buy and the Bank was HSBC. The debt was somewhere around $3,000.00. I was frustrated and quit paying.Meanwhile, my wife and I made a 5 year deal with Discover Card to pay off an 11,000.00 Credit Card Debt at $186.00 a month. It has been 5 years, and that debt is settled.
Now, the Law Firm of Miller and Steeno P.C. is suing me for the HSBC Best Buy Credit Card Debt of $3,729.61.
I called them, and they said they would settle for $3,980.11. I told them I would take Out a Loan from my 401K Savings plan and pay them. I did just that, and I have the money to pay them. This is where I have a problem. How do I pay them, and how do I get them to give me a "Debt Satisfied in Full" document? I need something in writing from them before I send a check ?I emailed Debt Settled in Full Agreement to them with no response. No Answer. Emailed again. No Reply.
I called Diverse Funding Associates, LLC, who purchased the debt from HSBC Best Buy. They told me to call Miller and Steeno P.C. I called them, left a message. I called them a little later, got to speak with someone, who seemed cooperative until they asked if I was recording them ( They recorded me from my first phone call). I said Yes, I was recording them.
The lady quickly told me she could no longer speak with me, and to send all documents to their office. She said goodbye
and hung up.Monday, Sept 12, 2016 I printed the Debt Settlement Agreement letter I prepared and had emailed to Miller and Steeno twice, and sent it to them certified mail, return receipt requested.
Now I am told to wait. I will send them the full amount they requested on the phone on my first phone call to Miller and Steeno P.C. when they agree, or send an identical or similar agreement to me. The sooner the better.
I have a feeling these people do not want to work with me or settle out of Court.The Court Date is Friday, Sept. 30 in Murfreesboro, TN., a short drive from Nashville.
Expert:  KnowYourRights replied 10 months ago.

Thank you. It is VERY odd that you advised them that you want to settle and they refuse to send to you the settlement agreement to sign and return with your payment. Until you get something in writing, do not just send the money. The law firm should speak with you over the phone or email, about who to settle this, what to sign and where to send payment. If they refuse and do not cooperate, then when you go to court, you want to advise the Judge of the same. You can share with the Judge you want to pay this and settle and they are acting in bad faith, not providing you with a settlement agreement and information as to where to send payment. Moreover, you can ask the Judge to send this to mediation as well, to resolve this or any other issues.

Expert:  KnowYourRights replied 10 months ago.

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