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D Downs-Vollbracht
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Category: Consumer Protection Law
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I have been discriminated against because of a physical

Customer Question

I have been discriminated against because of a physical handicap. The hassle of flying in commercial airlines has resulted in me missing a plane, and paying for things that I cannot use. I see that some handicaps are treated very kindly and mine is just a nightmare. I am not afford equal consideration. Can something been done. Because of multiple cancers I cannot swallow there having to rely on feeding tube 100 percent. My canned formula is over the allowance for airplanes and cruises want to charge me for food. Any help. I feel that one disability is not more than any other.
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  D Downs-Vollbracht replied 10 months ago.
I am so sorry. Traveling is stressful enough without the added worry of just being comfortable or secure in knowing you have reasonable accomodations for your trip. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires many places and businesses to make reasonable accomodations for folks with disabilities or hardships. Further, there are civil rights and HIPAA regulations that overlap but that can add an additional layer of protection from discrimination based on a disability. If you obtain a detailed letter from your treating physician / primary care and your specialist, you should present this to the airline or cruise line well in advance of your travel. For special food or liquid requirements, most airlines will provide space in their galley for coolers or packages of food or medications. Similarly, cruise ships will not charge extra but they won't discount their all inclusive fare that includes the all you can eat food plans. Your best approach is to have your needs well documented and in such a way it is clear your nutritional supplies are directly related to your cancer and are necessary for you to live and to carry on daily life activities. That means get current and specifically written letters from your health care providers and call the airline or cruise line well in advance. Fax the letters to them and carry a copy on your person. Have an extra to give them at check in. Plan your meal and or med amounts out and if your food is prescribed, have a copy of the written script as well as the containers clearly marked as prescriptions - your doctor should be able to help with this even if you are buying supples out of pocket and without prescription. Don't be afraid to advocate for yourself and to expect the carriers to help ease your travel.

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