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I was seeking legal advice on an issue I have with a

Customer Question

I was seeking legal advice on an issue I have with a nationally recognized hotel. My question is - would this be something that should be handled by an attorney?
I stayed at a known hotel for a single night and before I completed my check in, I notified the hotel that I had cancelled a reservation I made with a third party site; in case it didn't show on their end. I was told that it would be fine and I wouldn't be charged for any extra nights. The receptionist notified me they would need my credit card for a charge to hold, for any incidentals, should there be any. The following day, I checked out before the notified time ending my one night stay. When I checked my bank statement the following week, I saw a charge that added up to one night along with the incidental charge added on. I called the hotel question why this was and was told there were no incidents but that it showed I stayed 2 nights because of my canceled reservation with the third party site. They notified me I would have to call the site and speak to them about it. So I did what they suggested and called the site. I spent approximately an hour with the third party site and they had also been in contact with the hotel while I stayed on the line. Initially the hotel had stated they had it noted on their end, that I stayed only one night and I wouldn't be charged any extra stays. After they spoke with the third party site, they changed their story and stayed that I stayed 2 nights and then was told that I wouldn't be receiving any refunds by the hotel. This went though multiple managers as well. After completing the call with the third party site, I now was told that I was a liar and that I did in fact stay 2 nights. The hotel staff claimed that my reservation never canceled and I was booked for the 2 nights. The underling to this story is that my reservation was for 3 nights, not the 2 they had stated. None of the information the hotel was giving me added up. From being told that I wouldn't be charged anything extra and also being told that they noted I only stayed one night, to then being told I pretty much lied and now stayed 2 nights on top of having the incidental charge added on to my one night stay. Even though they claimed the charge as a whole was for 2 nights, which didn't add up either because it was a total of the one night stay and the incidental charge. After building a case within both the hotel corporation and the third party site, I was put in contact with individuals who could help me further with the matter, which also had passed the date of resolution that I was given by the hotel. After speaking with a hotel representative on my case, she found out and concluded that the reservation was booked by the hotel, after I checked in. Which went to show that they lied to me and accused me of staying multiple nights and also accused those stayed night on my previous cancelled reservation. I feel that I was definitely mistreated in this process by the management staff at the hotel and those who work at the front desk. Also the matter would have been left alone had I not called and questioned about it. Even though I was pretty much called a liar. It took weeks to finally find out that the staff had booked the stays to save themselves and not refund me what was rightfully mine.
My question is, do I have a case here that a lawyer can handle?
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
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