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P. Simmons
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I recently purchased a 2016 motorcycle, trading in my old

Customer Question

I recently purchased a 2016 motorcycle, trading in my old motorcycle for $8500 down payment carrying a $25000 to be financed. that was Aug1 2016. Today I called the finance company to ask where to mail payments and they have no record of me. I called the dealer and they tell me everything on their end is complete and My trade has been sold. They (the dealer) say pay the finance company by the 30 of Aug, but the finance co says they don't know who I am . Now what?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  P. Simmons replied 1 year ago.

Hello! My name is ***** ***** I am a licensed attorney with more than 18 years of experience. I am here to assist you with your questions. Please understand that if I ask you for additional information, you are NOT charged again and our communications are NOT timed. So please see this as a relaxed conversation between friends. I am here to help

Also, if you would like to chat on the phone, let me know and I can make that happen.

I am sorry for this dilemma. But not sure I understand your specific question. You have the new bike (title in your name)? And the title has a lien?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
it has a remaining balance of just under $25,000 that was financed (so I was told), but I had not received any paperwork or payment book from them. I called the financial co and they have no record of me or the VIN. But the dealer says everything is fine.
Expert:  P. Simmons replied 1 year ago.

Does the title list the finance company on it as lienholder?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I don't have "BAD" credit, maybe a 690-705ish. So im not sure where the problem lies.
I do not have the title, just paperwork / contract from the RideNow dealership
Expert:  P. Simmons replied 1 year ago.

What does the contract say about title (specifically does it mention you will receive title and if so when)?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I traded my beautiful full dress Harley 2007, for a 2016 Polaris slingshot 3-wheel car/motorcycle and they gave me $8500 for it as the down payment, and has since been sold......I don't specifically remember anything about when I "get " the title. I assume it is when it is paid off, but the contract says to pay ThunderRoad financial 60 equal payments, but they don't have any record of me. I apologize, but I am at work and the contract is at home... so I cant read anything Verbatim.
Expert:  P. Simmons replied 1 year ago.

YOu want to read that contract. CAREFULLY.

They have to follow the contract provisions, just like you do.

If I were in your shoes, I would be concerned about WHEN I get may be you agreed to wait till you paid off the bike (this is rare...but not unheard of...and it favors the seller over the buyer).

Regardless, make sure you understand what the contract says and what you need to do to obtain title. Then do just that.

As for the finance company? Send them a copy of of the contract certified mail return receipt requested...that way they can not claim they do not know anything about this.

Please let me know if you have more questions. I am happy to help if I can. Otherwise, please rate the answer so I may get credit for my work.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Can I leave this open till this afternoon? I can up the amount right? Its worth it to me I go into this with knowledge and not get hosed.
Short story...
5 years ago we(wife and I) had to do bankruptcy here in LV,NV due to our $450k custom home falling apart because of poor craftsmanship and the builder was also BK (that is a long story).
We have worked hard to rebuild our credit and sanity over the last few years... I don't want a sour deal that I made on a "toy" (the Polaris slingshot) to ruin everything. I want to look over the contract and maybe clarify my options. I've never heard of this type of situation and quite honestly, its got me baffled.
Expert:  P. Simmons replied 1 year ago.

No problem...feel free to respond here. I am in and out this afternoon but will be back this evening.