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My question is about a dealership that I took my car to and

Customer Question

My question is about a dealership that I took my car to and told the representative to not do anything to the car that would cost money before calling us first. He sent it to a subsidiary Chevy dealership 50+ miles away from where we brought the car to and the first call that we get was that the car motor was torn down and it was a $250 tear down fee and it needed new head and gasket with bolts and will cost me 2500 3000 to fix the car or 250 left torn apart and i will have to tow it 75 miles . Its crazy. We had had codes pulled and Diamond International service hooked it up and told my son whom is the service manager that ot need a new head and gasket. worked looked at the vehicle and my son told me it was a blown head and that his friend where we took up his buddy could replaced the head and the gasket 4 1000.00 we inquired two other places Russell Chevrolet and another mechanic and was quoted 1700 and $1,800 to replace with new parts the head, so we questioned the thousand dollars that my son said that this person would do the job for that it just didn't seem right was it for sure for new parts and for blown head and we was assured yes..Now we owe $250 teardown But and was told that it would be $3,000 plus tax 2 put the car back together replace the head and the gasket in the bolts and torque it down there has been over 200 miles put on my car we have no proof that anything was done we have no signed paperwork we want to do the right thing but I really feel that we are being taken advantage of paying $1,000 to have my car give them back to me the way that I brought it to them which was running just want to check out legal rights 4 my husband and I they have no sign paperwork no we're giving you permission to do anything that they're doing and basically I am just letting a thousand dollars plus tax should I pay them? I feel i am being swindled. It will be 2 weeks since i drop for nothing my husband and I are good people and want to do what is right however I'm also an advocate of both parties being satisfied I am a retired realtor of 10 years and understand contracts and I understand the good faith I am very upset and want to do the right thing however I want to know if they have any legal right or it is there any legal repercussions that I can't just go get my car and drive home 50 miles back home should they put it back together they told me it was 250 for tearing it down I could come and get it and they took it from Morrilton to 75 miles away to some Subsidarary Chevy dealer another 75 miles and hell I could have drove my car the way that it was when I brought it to him for 2 years no more than I drive my car for that amount of miles on it I just really feel that we are being taken advantage of and need to know if there's any kind of legal recourse whatsoever that can be taken thank you for your time and consideration in this matter Di***** *****.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.
Legally, they are entitled to any costs for any work they did in diagnosing the car. So if they had to tear it down to confirm the issues with the car, they are entitled to payment for the costs of the teardown. You are free to not have them do the work, but legally you have to pay them the $250 and you are then free to take the car wherever you want to get the work done and if you choose not to get the work done or you are going to scrap the car, you do not owe that dealership a penny tell them they can keep the car for payment and you can walk away.
Those are your legal rights, even though you did not sign any agreements, the fact they did the work pulling the engine apart to diagnose it means under the equitable legal theory of quantum meruit, they are entitled to payment for that work done to pull the engine apart.