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Infolawyer, Lawyer
Category: Consumer Protection Law
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Painter came to house didn't have contract signed ...

Customer Question

Painter came to house didn't have contract signed ... Painted dining room .. Kitchen and hallway ...I am not happy with inconsistency in costs and changing of what's included and not. Furniture not covered .. No signed contract .. He wants additional $600 to stop work now for what's done . I already paid $460 in cash
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  Infolawyer replied 11 months ago.

what outcome are you seeking? money back? different price?

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
1. Original quote 1300 for dining room, family room, kitchen , hallway and master bedroom and bathroom. He comes on day of work and atates some rooms not included . No contract signed .., aggressive to paint dining room and kitchen, hallway and accent along with bedroom and bathroom.. Today we decided to stop and not include bathroom and master bedroom because we feel things not communicated and work not done properly .. Furniture not covered some mistakes on painting .. Today he said if we stop work now I need to pay an additional $600 for work done .. No signed contract .. Verbal and texts ... We do not want to pay anymore money as we already gave $460 deposit .. Are we legally bound to give another $600 ??
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
We do not want to pay anymore and return materials
Expert:  Infolawyer replied 11 months ago.

You do not need to pay more, and from facts mentioned have basis to recoup money paid. You may threaten to sue for breach unless come to terms to a reasonable total price and completion of the work at quality level.

Expert:  Infolawyer replied 11 months ago.

Kindly rate me positively, and if I may clarify anything reply back and let me know!

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