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I buy at car 2 years ago, we pay whit money orders, in that

Customer Question

i buy at car 2 years ago , we pay whit money orders, in that time this person is at friend, in that moment they just quit me at bill of sale. And whit that we suposs to get the title, but when we go to the dmv , because the car is from california, they dont accept the bill of sale, and they asking for the title,they just quit me at permit, when i asking my the person, he train to get the title by email, but they never received, now after 2 years finally we get the title. but now this person dont want to pay for the taxes for the last 2 years. What i can do or where i go to demand this person, because is no fair we waiting for 2 years for the title and now we have to pay two years of taxes, and the car need maintenance.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  CalAttorney2 replied 1 year ago.

Dear Customer,
Thank you for using the forum. My name is ***** ***** I hope to assist you today.

While I would agree with you that the seller appears to have been in breach of contract (they failed to provide you with the title to the vehicle at the time of sale, and did not do so for 2 years), I am not sure that I see the connection between this breach and the damages you are claiming.

  • The vehicle taxes would have been your responsibility had the title been properly delivered (therefore the delay in title did not cause taxes to be accrued).
  • The liability for any vehicle maintenance became yours at the time of sale (we refer to this as the "risk of loss" shifting from the seller to the buyer).

If there are any damages you incurred directly as a result of the title not being delivered on time (meaning - the title was not presented, making it impossible for me to do X, and costing me $Y to fix), that would be something you could pursue.

If the seller had not provided you with the title, you could sue them for breach of contract to force them to provide you that document - but that apparently is no longer an issue.

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