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I was seliing a cemetary plot a man emailed and wanted it so

Customer Question

I was seliing a cemetary plot a man emailed and wanted it so sent me a cashiers ck I contacted BofA and asked about it they said its as good as cash so I excepted it .I went to the bank and cashed it but before I even left I took it back in and asked for manager and I told her I had a bad feeling about it so she connected to their fraud depart. and I explained and she told me to deposit it in my acct and wait 2-3 days and call back and they would let me know if it was good. and I did they told me no problems its fine and she said they hardly ever get bad cashiers cks. so I disbursed where it was to go .31/2 wks or so later I get a letter in the mail saying the ck was no good and to call the number on the letter . A guy named Carlos answered I asked for a supervisor and he said he could help me so I explained and he said just a min. he was going to ck he got back on the phone said just disregard the letter its all ok I asked 3 xs are you sure he said yes .So 2wks or so I recvd another letter stating they were going to close my acct and to call the number so I called she told me to wait 30 days or so and let itgo to collection and set up payment that's all they could do. And in between the 30 days I spoke with a lady named Shirley and explained and she said she felt terrible about it and they should have never told you they could verify the ck. and I spoke with 3-5 other people at the same number as the fraud number and I asked for a copy of the 2 letters and they pulled them up on the computer but couldn't send me cop[ies . I contacted attorney general and I recvd a letter back and an advocate from bank contacted me and asked how she could help I told her the bank should compromise and take me off the cheque system because their causing me not to be able to get my house in my name and I cant refi my veh. and they wont take me off till its pd off. I did everything to prevent this from happening because I couldn't pay it back but since then Ive made pmts of 25.00 a month. I filed a small claims case and I rcvd an answer and their denying each and every allagation in my complaint. The ck was for 2200.00 and I sent the man back 900.00 he asked me to buy the casket and told him to do it himself that's before I knew it wasn't good and I am asking for 3500.00 They never once asked me about the ck where it came from the guys name not 1 time did anyone ask. and they have me down as I'm the one that wrote a bad ck. And reported me so I cant get a bank acct credit union a loan I cant do anything. I don't know what my next step should be?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  N Cal Attorney replied 1 year ago.

Thank you for your question.

Have you filed a police report?

Did you sign a deed to the plot to the buyer?