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A snowbird in Fl. Took my vehicle to Chevy Dealer ,, paid

Customer Question

A snowbird in Fl.
Took my vehicle to Chevy Dealer for repairs,, paid them to do a diagnosis of the problem, paid them to do repairs which took 5 days. When I went to pick up the vehicle, they informed me the part they replaced, did not correct the problem. I asked the service dept. to replace the old part, they said the part had been sent back to the mfg. as a core.
At the time I went to the service dept. and explained the problem, which was a transmission not shifting properly, I told the service tech. that I also had a check engine light, and the ser. tech. stated that the light would have nothing to do with the tranny. how wrong they were. Their diagnosis was completely wrong. The service Dept. wanted to go further into the tranny. but it was obvious they didn't know what to do. I drove the vehicle back to Va. and took it to an independent 2 man garage and had the vehicle repaired 4 hours at a fraction of the cost, charged at Cox Chevy.
Can I recover my cost?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  Loren replied 1 year ago.
Good morning. I am Loren, a Florida licensed attorney, and I look forward to assisting you.
If the shop did not perform their work in a professional manner you can sue them in small claims court to recover the cost of the substandard work.
Additionally, you may have a warranty claim, if they provided a written warranty on the work they did, which was breached.
Small claims court is designed to be "user friendly" so that you can present a claim without an attorney. Also, it moves much more quickly than regular court.   You can get the necessary forms to start from the clerk of the court.