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My name is ********** and I am in Kentucky; the KYDOT has

Customer Question

Hi; my name is ********** and I am in Kentucky; the KYDOT has been doing some "very bad" and I am convinced ILLEGAL things abusing "Eminent Domain" in "widening ky hwy 11" into our farm; they 1) paid "perceived resistance/VIPS" in 2012 for land appraised by "outside appraisers", then in 2015, they "pounced on" the elderly, etc., with THEIR OWN APPRAISERS; our farm, for instance, was left by Dad to mom entirely (I am only child, she is retired high school teacher, I insisted he do this); I am DVM, PHD from Auburn/UAB in new career as critical care paramedic/RN- the money is secondary to the WRONG things they've done 2) Spirow T Agnew resigned as Nixon's Vice President to make way for Gerald Ford; know why? When Agnew was governor of Maryland, the Maryland DOT did about 50% of what I can PROVE KY DOT has done in "KY hwy 11 reconstruction";
Now, they are declaring "two years, then reassess"- i.e., the assholes are broke and this was UNECCESSARY project
SO, I am filing 1)criminal charges- conflict of interest, the "private contracting firm", Lochner based in Texas, has employees also paid by KYDOT as "right of way managers" etc., and the job was NEVER announced for bids from competiting private firms; 2) contractual fraud- the man literally next door to our farm has .25 acres, 40 feet of HWY 11 road frontage, he was paid $400,000 in 2012-appraisers from private firm in Somerset, Ky (no "position" with KYDOT); how then, can they justify "their appraisal" of $29,560 for 5.6 acres and 4500 feet of "prime road frontage" ? Also, their "lead counsel" has lied to me 50 times, and one I have his ass; we own 2 acres Eastside of Hwy 11, and "new hwy" will move it from "500' road frontage" (access/location)- 4 private evaluators all placed it at $30,000 before new road moves Hwy 11 300' off it, at $10,000 with new road; their attorney said this two acres "not affected" by project; I have a "carpetbagger" loser (on AVVO, he is rated a 6.5 of 10)- when I asked him to "challenge this" he took their "off-site counsel's word" it "Doesn't matter"!
I feel the attorney has "more than disbarment, the representation of the word "Condemnation" to many people "bullied in 2015" is criminal fraud, and where has the money gone? The project was to widen 21 miles of hwy 11 and 20 miles its perpendicular offshoot, hy hwy 587; there were 11 "heavy machines" at "starting point", they are all "back in the garage";
To whom do I
1) Report my misgivings, and how can an AUDIT of this project be "incited"
2) As to civil litigation, can I join with 3 other elderly folks, who they "just looked at birthdays" (not uneducated, refused their offer); and file class action suit against the KYDOT and their "offisite counsel"? The money, if we win, we all agree 10% to us, 90% to Ky's real problem- children born addicted to narcotics/heroin- I am relocating mom to Tennessee with me, but KYDOT SUX! (And I am nice guy-hard to get pissed)!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.
I am sorry to hear that they are treating you like this. To answer your questions posed:
1) You can report this to the KY Attorney General's Office, since they oversee the departments of state government and can investigate any improprieties in those departments. In addition to the KY Attorney General, since this involves a taking of your land contrary to the 4th Amendment of the Constitution, you can report this as a civil rights violation to the US Department of Justice if the KY Attorney General refuses to investigate.
2) If you have been impacted the same way as the others who are suing you can join the three other elderly folks in their suit and you can contact one attorney to represent all of you against KYDOT to seek to force them to change or terminate the project that you are complaining of based on your allegations above.