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I purchased a new heating and cooling system from Sears

Customer Question

I purchased a new heating and cooling system from Sears for my house built in 2005. The tech said old system was no good even though previous techs from other companies did not tell me this. I purchased this unit for$7,112.06 . The unit stopped working three or two months after purchase,zI have had four repairs from Sears and the unit is still not working properly. Two weeks ago the unit stopped cooling and someone came out and supposedly fixed it. I was also told that unit needed a part not put on but hinted that they were going to let my one year warranty play out. On June We'd, June 8, 2016 the unit stopped cooling again and Sears sent out another repairman, system worked one night and now, Thrusday June 9,2016 system has stopped again.
None of the people sent out by Sears would give me an invoice. They also refused to tell me why the unit wasn't working properly, but, I learned today that they told the main Sears office that sent them to to do the repairs that the problem was a dirty filter, which is not true because we change those regularly at the advice and suggestion of information gathered online before we invested in my new home .
I have all paperwork and names of people I have contacted about this. I have missed two days from school as a teacher to wait for the repairman to come in the past
I am very afraid that Sears repair people is trying to let my warranty run out and charge me for future repairs on this defective unit
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  Dwayne B. replied 1 year ago.

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