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I had a car repossessed from Ford Motor Credit thirteen

Customer Question

I had a car repossessed from Ford Motor Credit thirteen years ago I purchase the car for 10000 I paid 6000 the car broke down was in a repair shop wanting $1,500 for the repair I was going on 3 payments behind on car payments which was 1500 I called Ford Motor Credit told them I was in a dilemma I either give them the 1500 to get caught up on my payments or pay the repair shop 1500 so they would release the car what do I do they said give me the address where the car is that they're not allowed to do that the next thing I knew I received a letter that they got the car so that it auction for what I would have owed on the car which was for that around 4000 or little after they did not work with me or give me the option to settle anything technically speaking speaking the car was paid for I only purchased it for 10000 they took me to court and got me a case which they were coming after me for attorneys fees they keep coming after me it is not accumulated supposably to $10,000 they drained my bank account twice at one point I went to go get money out of a personal account to pay my rent and my money was gone they are now coming after me to subpoena a contract and how I'm making payments on my car that I've had for 3 years which is not through Ford Motor Credit and has nothing to do with Ford Motor Credit how can I get these people off of my back I do not owe them anything they keep racking up attorneys fees and coming after me for attorneys fees what can I doI cannot afford to pay an attorney at this time to defend me in court the letter I have received is from the state of Ohio but it's from Ford motors credit attorneys the paper is not stamped from a Court case number ***** CVF00004 67
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 1 year ago.

Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.

If they obtained a judgment against you that they are now trying to collect upon and they have already seized the money to satisfy the judgment from your bank accounts, you need to file an objection in the court to this new action and present the evidence that they have seized their money from your bank accounts and that you should not owe them any further money.

You will need an attorney to fight this and I know you said you cannot afford one, but at this point you cannot afford not to have one, because you not doing anything about this over all these years has caused the problem. If you cannot afford an attorney you need to go to legal aid in your city and seek assistance from them and also call the state bar and ask them for the pro bono attorneys in your area for assistance.

The attorney will look at the judgment to see if it has been properly renewed every 5 years for them to continue pursuing it. The attorney will also need the proof from you of the money that was seized from your bank when it was taken. The attorney will also examine your assets and debts finally (if all else fails) and see if bankruptcy would possibly help you in getting this matter settled finally.

However, you do have to go to court to fight them and if you cannot afford an attorney, legal aid and the state bar pro bono program are your options to find a lawyer to do so. The only other option is contacting their attorneys and negotiating some type of final settlement with them to end this matter.