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Lucy, Esq.
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Ms Lucy I understand and thanks sorry you up..But I bought

Customer Question

Ms Lucy I understand and thanks sorry for waking you up..But I bought the cash money drove it home and never drove it and I'm very sure that the dealer put on the fuel filter backwards the co owner had told me himself that he changed just the fuel filter but it still hestitant then I change the wire Hornace cuz it was all discombobulated like I said before it was way too expensive call the guy back at dealer he told me don't get the warranty once I explained the problems on the car sayin the warranty doesn't cover that now my father law came with his computer and went straight to the problem it was the fuel line they had it taped I don't kno to much about cars I'm only given the info I seen for myself the car caught file while disconnect the gas tank my father n law says "the fuel filter was in backwards" I paid the dealer for new fuel lines thinking it was my fault all it took for the dealer to say is this I have your money to the mechanic for your parts now they can't find the mechanic and their saying it's nothing they can do I still don't have the bill of sale cuz member I said she wasn't gonna right it up until I pay for the warranty... I kno I'm gettin screwed that's why I paid for advice online I'm desperate and need help in this situation do I take to court I only have a receipt saying I paid for the car no bill of sale in sorry I just don't kno what to do cuz I'm not suppose to pay for their screw up and them tell me they can't find their mechanic... What should I do?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  Lucy, Esq. replied 1 year ago.


If the owner told you that he changed the fuel filter, then they're responsible. They have an obligation, when doing work, to perform it correctly. Also, if they won't provide you with the contract or bill of sale so you can register the vehicle, you can actually sue for a full refund. Even with as-is sales, a car has no value to you unless you can register and title it in your name. If they refuse to provide the documentation so you can do that, the sale fails. You can return the car and get all your money back in that scenario.

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