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I have a problem a person has been demanding payment he

Customer Question

I have a problem a person has been demanding payment for work he claims he never received payment - he forged documents and made false statements to the Court to file a Lis Pendens on my 5.5 acre Ranch that is for sale. I sent his Lawyer Proof of Payment Check numbers and Dates Paid and told the Lawyer I was a 69 year old Disabled woman that this man conned pretending to be A lawyer he charged me for Legal work for 3 years. When I realized his scam I refused to keep paying him for my Safety at this time he filed the Suit. Demanding payment or would prevent the sale of my Property. I tried to reason with the his Lawyer with Evidence then I just tried to get rid of him with an offer-The con man signed a Notarized Statement agreeing to the Settlement. The Court mailed him a Judgement in error. I am filing a Default Dismissal. Con Man sent the Judgement to he Title Company and demanded that they have the Buyers pay him not me (I am the owner) the Judgement amount with $1K a day in late fees. Title company dropped case if he Con Man is involved. I have lost the right to sell or borrow money on a reverse Mortgage for my Property because of the Con Mans' Actions. I tried to report his crimes but Law Enforcement brushed me off and said Financial Abuse of the Elderly and disabled was a Civil Matter in California so did Adult protective Services. This Con Man is planing on cheating me out of my Property-he told me if I stopped paying him and allowing him to run my financial Life I would lose everything. I am now a victim with no resources to protect me from this criminal. He even falsified a Loan filling out the papers and forcing me to borrow money that I cannot afford to pay back as he wanted more money from me and took over $10K so far from the Loan he arranged with fraudulent Statements. Said if I did not sign and get the oan and pay him I would lose the Property to Taxes-claimed that I had no right to ask for a Property Tax reduction-He has screamed at me and threatened me and has said this is out of love for me that he is extorting money from me-He took the opportunty in 2012 to start this con when my partner his former client committed suicide claiming He was the Appointed Protecter. Now that I have realized he took advantage of me Illegally I cannot as I said get any Law enforcement Help
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  N Cal Attorney replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your question. I am really sorry to hear this. The police are WRONG, this is a crime under Penal Code § 368(d), see Forgery and fraud and usury are also crimes. You can report this directly to the District Attorney's office and tell the DA that the police refused to even take a report. You said the DA so far refused to take a report so you should probably approach the actual DA and not one of the deputies. I hope this information is helpful.
Expert:  N Cal Attorney replied 1 year ago.
Sorry for the dead link, here it is: