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I you're haven't changed carriers last year android you're

Customer Question

I you're haven't changed carriers last year android you're did nothing know you're were required to wipe you're old data off you're old apple devices or tablet by Samsung and then new carrier claims to haven't sent them off to be destroyed but you're happen to see this same representative of yourself new carrier at a residence a block away from yours home with teenagers from your neighborhood that your suspect have been them pc hackers that area using your old devices without your knowledge or permission can't your sue this carrier of fraud by association to distribute your informationfraudently
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  Bill Fix replied 1 year ago.
If you returned electronic devices back to a carrier without resetting them to factory settings (which would erase your personal info stored on the phone), the company should have done this before issuing them to a new customer. I'm sure this would be part of their company policy for the very reason you stipulate--the company would not want to be liable for releasing your personal data to another user. Furthermore, many users would not want to received a device that has someone else's info already on it.If you believe the situation you described actually happened, do you have evidence of it? Have you seen anything suspicious on a credit report, indicating someone is opening accounts with your personal information? Has anyone said anything to you about it? If something like this did happen, you may have a cause of action against the company, but you would need some evidence that show the company reissued a device to another customer with your information still on it, and that customer was able to access your personal data or files.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I can't only say that I did see them same company rep at a residence in town whenever she told me she was going to. Go home in Lafayette but I seen her in their town where I live and she was. Just a block away from my residence . Ever since then I have been block out of my cable network and I could now longer use my apple phone and every time I got of Facebook my photos were changed my info was changed and my passwords were changed so I could not retrieve them nor try to answer secret questions but I can't tried to. Change I'd to my old ones but. I had to get try to get it it shows as many as sixteen with my new I'd and name my brother says I show up as at least 4+or more
Expert:  Bill Fix replied 1 year ago.
As best as I can understand you, it sounds like what you have is circumstantial evidence at best. Perhaps other people have access to your accounts because you told someone a password, or your password ***** ***** easy to guess? The likelihood of winning any legal action against a company or any of your neighbors would be extremely low. Your best course of action is to reset passwords on all your accounts.
Expert:  Bill Fix replied 1 year ago.
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