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I'm trying to find a consumer attorney against Nationstar who

Customer Question

I'm trying to find a consumer attorney against Nationstar who is falsely claiming on my credit report that I have not paid them for 3 years.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  Maverick replied 1 year ago.
We are not permitted to refer a lawyer to JA customers; but if you want I can show you how to dispute the claim yourself for the deposit that you have posted. Let me know if you want to continue....
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I wrote another letter to your company because the question I asked was very limited for a long drawn out and complicated matter. The letter I drafted is detailed. I have already contacted Lexington Law. Sent a letter to Nationstar requesting all paperwork and records related to the negative reporting to the credit bureaus according federal law statute blah blah blah! This letter was dated January 2, 2016. Still no response but serious threats and demands for payment. They are completely ignoring my letter and requests. I have all the letters that were written by Lexington Law on behalf of me. Lexington Law responses are generalized and not specific
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I recently posted a question and need to change it to a more specific question. My name is***** and posted that I need a consumer protection attorney for a problem I am having with Nationstar Mortgage. After having posted that question, I realized that I can find one of those on my own for free. What I really need is to speak to a consumer attorney. This issue is far too complicated to write in a small box but I will attempt to make it short and detailed.
Nationstar reported me to the credit bureau for not having paid them for three and a half years. The issue is far more complicated then me simply not having paid them. I am the 'Poster Child' for the home loan debockle of the 'Great Recession'. As a self-employed, female business owner and single mother of two children, I tried to refinance my high interest home loan. I was told over and over again that no loans were being given to small business owners. After being hit by the recession it became difficult for me to make my $1734.00 mortgage payment along with my second for $504.00. I was barely keeping my once successful coffeeshop afloat and to complicate matters my ex-husband stopped paying me child support in the amount of
$1400.00. With the advice of a Credit Counselor, I defaulted on my mortgage in order to qualify for a modification. Thank you President Obama. Three and a half years ago, I received a loan modification after a long and arduous process. I asked Nationstar if they would consider combining my second and I was told it would depend on the loan to home value. I gave them six months of personal and business bank statements. They asked me to highlight six months worth of each cash transfer and banking deposits related to Owner Distribution and income. I sent them six months of P&L statements and the last two years of both personal and private tax returns. One month later they reportedly lost all of my private financial statements and thus asked me to resend them. Ouch, I didn't copy the sent files and had to start all over. I complied and resent everything!! This continued to be the issue twice thereafter, stating that the paperwork got forwarded to upper loan management and then somehow got lost in the transfer. Each time I resent these papers it would extraneously cost me copy fees and postage. This was very tiresome and frustrating as a struggling single mother and running my own coffeeshop. My modification finally came to close after me losing my temper and communicating that it was my belief that they were trying to wear me down. I stated that I was losing sleep, anxious and having suicidal feelings related to the process and fear of losing my home and business. The modification was signed November 2012. My coffeeshop is very busy during the holidays being located right in the middle of a very large and popular shopping mall. When I received the modification paperwork via the internet, I signed them, had a mini two second celebration and moved on to my business of being a single mom and business woman.
After the busy holidays, In January 2013, I called Nationstar to get a copy of my 1st mortgage because I lost the paperwork and did not receive any statement on my second. I was told that their was no 2nd and no records of default using my full name, Social Security and property address and previous loan number. I further queried the representative and asked her to please review my loan papers since I misplaced/never received/lost in the shuffle, who knows, ect. in the scurry of the holiday season. She further asserted that there was no 2nd. Although I was very resistant, I went about my very busy life and trusted the work of a large corporation.
During the last 3 years, I have received several calls from Nationstar stating I was eligible for a better interest rate and subsequently lower payment if I refinanced my loan. During one of these conversations, I asked whether or not he could access my mortgage paperwork because I was still uncertain about my second and relayed to him what I was being told by Nationstar; that there was no default or record of my 1st or second. He stated he could not access my paperwork and so unable to respond to my query. Also, I have received monthly, almost weekly calls encouraging me to set up an automatic payment. And if so the weekly calls would desist.
In the three and a half years, I have received not one statements for my second nor have I received any phone calls for collection on that account.
It was three years later, October of 2015 when I received a forclosure notice for my 2nd mortgage. I immediately called Nationstar. I gave her the loan number documented on the letter, my full Social Security number, full legal name and was told the paperwork was sent to me in ERROR of Nationstar and then given an apology.
The following month I received the same notice and was told that it was just a delay in the mail system. I related how stressful it was to receive these notices and s
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
she expressed a full apology. The third notice and subsequently the 3rd phone call to Nationstar,  I expressed great concern and requested an email acknowledging the representatives  response to my query. Which was the same answer as before, "No record of a default" with yet another apology!  The representative stated that she could not send me an email because Nationstar does not do that. I asked her if my call was being recorded and she said, "Yes". I was satisfied with knowing I was being recorded. The same scenario continued for several months. Each time, thereafter my discontentment, tone and effort exploded into a rage with a demand for further review. Still nothing until one day I checked my credit report and the idiots had reported me to the credit bureau as having not paid my 2nd mortgage in 3 and a half years.
I immediately called Nationstar and demanded they figure it out. I was transfered at least five times being told the same thing over and over again- No default, no second, and no 1st morgage papers.  With each transfer I repeated, "Not good enough, transfer me!" With each transfer I had to give out my indentifying numbers, both loan numbers ect. and repeated the story over and over again! I was furious and even crying.  After several exhaustive hours, my documents were found. Immediately I was subjected to a line of sarcastic questioning and doubting my intentions. I was asked how it is possible for me to not know I had a second mortgage. I insisted on speaking to someone who would not berate and humiliate me. I was transfered to a woman who apologized and then told me my loan was lost and that it is quite common for mortgages to get lost. I asked, "What now?" I was told I had to pay off the complete unpaid balance to catch up including interest, and penalties. I conveyed to the representative that I would not pay penalties and service charges accumulated over 3 and a half years nor could I afford to pay the complete balance of $24,000.00 dollars. Further, that even if I tried to get a loan I couldn't because their debockle had tanked my credit score. I asked for a review and consideration of penalties and charges and a complete removal of the negative credit reporting. She stated that it would be highly unlikely for that to happen and I should try to get a loan for the complete un paid balance as demanded.
I went out to seek a loan only to be denied each time. I called Nationstar again and was told that they could foreclose on my home and may do so. I was also told by another Nationstar representative that they could not because the home value and loan were the same. I have since attempted several loan applications and each have been declined. I have exhausted any and all means of financing. When asked why I was denied, I was told that while my credit score was considered fair @ 640.... I couldn't because of my 2nd mortgage reporting. I contacted several Credit Counseling agencies; Approvalguard, Experian, all of whom I hired and paid monies to receive counseling. I called Nationstar to update them on the status of my loan effort and informed them them it was clear I could not get a loan. It was suggested that I ask friends and family for money. I asked why they could not rewrite or something and was told that they are not in the business of handing out unsecured loans. I offered to pay them $1000.00 a month plus the 504.00 loan payment. They declined.
It became clear Nationstar was unwilling to accept payments or review my account, I sought to get an attorney. The first attorney told me that Nationstar would wear me down by throwing money at the lawsuit until I gave up or ran out of money. The second real estate attorney (which cost me 200.00 to explain the injustice) told me he would begin a lawsuit for $1000.00. Too much money so I sought out and researched online. At that time I hired and paid Lexington Law at the recommendation of Approvalguard council.   Lexington Law filed a dispute on my behalf. Lexingtons' first letter asked Nationstar to send me careful verification and to do a complete review of my account. This letter was dated January 27, 2016. It was at this time I was advised that Nationstar had only 30 days to respond to that letter.  I hired Lexington Law to file a dispute on my behalf because i was not getting any results myself and I wanted to avoid a costly attorney. Lexingtons' first letter asked Nationstar to send me careful verification and do a complete review of my account.
In the interim, I have called Nationstar several times and even with my second mortgage having been recovered...., they still could not pull up the records of my second using all means of identification.  Seriously!!! This occurred each time I called to check the status of my loan. I was told that the loan holder could not be identified but that Nationstar was trying to find out what the lender wanted to do with my loan. She stated  they may want to sue me, lein my home, send me to collections
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
or charge off my account or foreclose my home. I very adamantly told Nationstar that I did not want a charge off. I also related that I had been sending them payments on receipt of each statement NOW getting sent to me. Further, that each payment of $550.00 dollars was being declined and sent back to me. I was then told that Nationstar would not accept my payments unless it was the full amount. I was also told that I would be notified of any action after they received a responce from the lender.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I called several times after that to check up on the status and was told nothing substantial. However, one fairly useful representative told me, under her breath, to send $1000.00 double the payment and it would probably be accepted because I would be sending a "different" amount !!!! Whatever! So I sent a thousand dollars with a wish and a prayer and the payment was accepted and cashed through my bank April 2016. I will continue to remit the amount of 600.00 dollars and have set it up via BillPay Banking. 
A received a letter dated April 6th from Nationstar acknowledging my own personal request for a complete and thorough review. Then today I received a letter dated April 18, 2016 demanding payment and a recommendation that I give the letter to my attorney!  No where in this letter was mention of any of my requests or the status of my three letters and many phone calls demanding any and all paperwork.!!
I went online again and found you guys. I am seeking a consumer protection attorney or one that is knowlegible in these matters specifically.
Thank you
Expert:  N Cal Attorney replied 1 year ago.
New Expert here. Have you checked with the County Recorder to see what mortgages have been recorded against the property? In which town are you located?

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