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I recently bought a car from a dealership. They showed me a

Customer Question

I recently bought a car from a dealership. They showed me a carfax and everything there where it said car had nothing wrong. After I had purchased it I found out it had a recall on driver air-bag. I only had made a down payment at time. Rightafter my purchase my bank notice someone stealing money out of my account. I tried to make first payment they said it was to late theirbusiness ssays it will take a payment until 7. So didn't make the payment. Tried to make another payment with all my bank information they said they couldn't do it that way. Tried the next week now three weeks in a row from wap Mart money gram called them before I tried they said yes they could take that got to counter they were not in there system. Now I had my car parked in my garage in back of whereb I stay. It's private property and not my property and they repossed the car. Tried to to pay full amount owed plus towing. He gave me a price of $550. I had to work late told him it would be the next day. Called before I left to get the car he told me I could not have car until he talk to my financier. Said he was leaving at end of shift going on vacation I had to wait. Ask for my financier number he told me no that was between him and them. I got heated said fine I'm coming to get my belongings then they had both my car seats. He proceeded to tell I had to wait on those to. All I said was I've had nothing but hassles with you guys knowing some have been on my end but I was not giving them a good review. He told then if I wanted to do that then I was definitely not getting car back. And that he was leaving now cause he had a family to get to and there vacation was more important ghoogbye.
JA: OK. The Consumer Protection Lawyer will need to help you with this. Have you consulted a lawyer yet?
Customer: No ma'am is worthy of a lawyer?
JA: Is there anything else important you think the Consumer Protection Lawyer should know?
Customer: The first payment I was on time and told no. That whole week after that he called my phone 5 times a day. He finally reached me when I was not at work he said he needed money by next day. My exact response to him was bank account is locked down right now. There is nothing I can really do. He said your fault not mine I need my money. He is not with my finance cvompany. But I told him I would try my best to find someone to borrow my payment from. I couldn't find anyone called 5 times again the next day. And was yelling saying I had made an agreement to pay this day. I said no Iwould try. He kept yelling. I got mad and told him sir I know your a business but this sitsituation is hard for me to I can't even get money out my own bank to by my kids their diapers. Said my fault not his. Once again I got mad said I'm trying to work with you but you harnessing me and being a f**** dink. Is not helping. I new I was to mad to talk so I hung up. He called immediately back yelling saying I couldn't hang up on him and that I couldn't cuss at him all he was trying to do is help me keep my God da** car. Still mad I answered you wanna talk about cussing what are you doing and yiur not helping just threatening and harrasing. He replied your f**king stupid really f**king stupid what the f**k is wrong with you people and hung up.
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Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
All I really wanna do now is get my belongings and down payment back if possiable.
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.
If they misrepresented the car to you and would not take your payments when you tried to make them, they are in breach of contract. If they are treating you the way you described above when you tried to resolve this issue with them, your next step I am afraid is going to have to be to sue them for breach of contract, unfair and deceptive business practices and also for unlawful repossession. You would need to engage a local consumer protection attorney and file your suit in court to seek to recover not just what you paid on the car, but upon proof of their unfair and deceptive practices you can recover up to THREE TIMES the amount of money damage you suffered PLUS attorney's fees.
So at this point with what you described, your next step is to seek to file suit against the dealer to recover your money and other damages.
They cannot misrepresent a car, then refuse to take your payments when you tried to make them as described and then repossess, that is an unfair and deceptive practice and breach of contract.