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Many safety recalls - I have three cars and wound like to

Customer Question

Many safety recalls -
I have three cars and wound like to request to the factories a total refund on all three ! Chances of me getting this are what ? I Have documents supporting my complaints here .
- 2003 Monte Carlo . It was not passing emissions A recent recall Stated emission may be a problem.
So ,I Made an appointment -given 3 weeks out ?(tabs are due ? ) The dealer stated the recall should not effect emissions ?I informed Brandon
Of the recalls information ?The Confusion on recall information prompted me to look up the car. Come to find out their are a total of 11 recalls!
I heard of 1 or 2 ? Since the car was bought -2008
Well forget it !
The car has serious recalls and my daughter has been driving the car with my granddaughter in The car ! A knuckle recall ,steering loss risks,
A fuel issue , ignition and now it can catch on fire ? I told my daughter to park it !
-Another car, 2007 Jeep Wrangler( owner)has an ignition that shuts off if you accidentally pull on the keys .
When I bought the car I noticed if the key chain had to many keys on the chain (heavy)it would shut the car off ! so I put only a few keys on the chain and I took the car in to have it fixed . They said they had a 2007 recall to put a pin in it and that they fixed it .? (So I thought )
So when I heard of GM s ignition recalls I wondered why jeeps were not included ?
With all my strange accidents (divorce)I checked to be sure the problem was fixed !, no it was not !
I called and was given a compliant number and never heard from jeep again .?
I have had the car shut off twice while turning a corner but am an experienced driver so I knew to downshift with the issue .
-Another car we have 2006 Z06 corvette .
A passagager window seal recall ?
The car has less than 20,000 miles on it .
I noticed drivers window seal gave this fall ?
A few months later I was detailing the car and found All the seals were Bad.
The back window looks like it is ready to fall at any time .The seats motor now does not work -seats motor pushed me into the steering wheel .
Would not shut off !
I knew to adjust the steering wheel .(I have a history of a serious back injury and now a right knee issue)
I have been locked in this car due to the cars battery dying ,I had my phone to call for help
Another serious problem , the cars top comes up.
You can literally lift it up,and off the car ! Cars roof Seals are no good ! It can fly off and seriously cause harm to someone .
-now the Bank issue , (corvette )
Bank dealership loan/ Wells Fargo /dealership ?
I make cash payments . At a Safeway location
Once A payment was not credited .
I went to find out why ? Bank said bring in my receipt . (Granddaughter loves to go and look in purse ) so guess what receipt misplaced ? I was friendly the first time than matter of fact the second visit .Than firm and demanding my third visit when I noticed the clerk opening an old account to place my payment !
So ,due to this compliant I was told not to come back to their bank ?
Ok , I will just go down the street !
After 18 months the bank with no explanations , no adjustments, nothing ?sends me a refund check for that June's missing payment ?
-My request :
What are my odds of getting a total refund for all cars after 7 years ? I would like my money back on all these unsafe cars !?.and bad service !
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  Lucy, Esq. replied 1 year ago.


I'm Lucy, and I'd be happy to answer your questions today. I'm sorry to hear that you've had so many problems with all three of these vehicles.

First, lemon laws only apply to vehicles purchased new. RCW 19.118.031. So you unfortunately would never be able to get a full refund from the manufacturer for the 2003 Monte Carlo that you purchased in 2008, because the lemon law doesn't apply to that vehicle. And the original manufacturer's warranty would have already expired before you bought the car, so they're not responsible for anything that went wrong after the fact. It's unfortunately up to the consumer to check recall information and have a mechanic check out a used vehicle before buying it, so there's no recourse with that one.

The Lemon Law also unfortunately has very strict time periods that must be observed. A consumer only has a right to return the vehicle if substantial defects arise during the "eligibility period," which is defined as 2 years after the vehicle is delivered to the first purchaser. RCW 19.118.021.

You should also be aware that the Lemon law specifically states when a manufacturer repurchases a bad vehicle under that statute, the consumer gets a full refund minus "a reasonable offset for use." RCW 19.118.041. With cars that you've been driving 8, 9, and 10 years, that would be a very large offset. So, even if you still had a legal right to return the cars and demand repurchase now, the price you would get is significantly less than what you paid for the cars - if you'd get anything at all. Daily use is typically calculated at $15/day. Over the course of 8 years, that would mean they could deduct more than $40,000 for use - and that amount would be even higher for the other two vehicles. So, I'm sorry to say, there is really no chance of getting a full refund, for all of those reasons.

I apologize that this was probably not the Answer you were hoping to receive. However, it would be unfair to you and unprofessional of me were I to provide you with anything less than truthful and honest information. I hope you understand. Please rate my answer positively to ensure I am paid for the time I spent answering your question. If you are on a mobile device, you may need to scroll to the right. Thank you.

Good luck.

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