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Lawyer of my question,me I hve been entering sweepstakes

Customer Question

Hi lawyer of my question,me I hve been entering sweepstakes since 2008 I still gt letters from different sponsors 4 a couple of mnths saying I hve won a lot of money,the only thing about that is they keep asking me 2 send n a 20.00 to 30.00 dollar fee 4 only one time fee& I hve sent over $300.00 or more 2 theses people with no answer or my winnings is this a scam I hve gt myself n
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  KJLLAW replied 1 year ago.

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There are scammers who are sending false announcements regarding lottery prizes.
As part of the scam, you could be contacted by phone, email, text message, or a letter from a scammer who is claims you have won a prize with a Lottery. This is a fraudulent claim and there is no such prize. Federal law prohibits the sale or mailing of Lottery chances across state lines. In the future, never respond to these communications and never provide information or send money to a scammer. DON'T SEND ANY MORE MONEY TO THESE SCAMS.