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I received this message - is this legal? Madam, Zhang Ya,

Customer Question

I received this message - is this legal? Good day Sir/Madam,
I am Mr. Zhang Ya, founder of Zhangya Corporation, China with vast investments in 4 countries is requesting your service as
Cash Management Partner in the USA.Zhang Ya owns portfolio in 23 businesses in USA worth approximately US$217m via Joint
Ventures (JV), Equity Finance Partnerships, and Angel Investments with estimated annual Returns-on-Investments (ROI) of
$17.5m. (Approximately US $1.45m monthly). We do have backlog of debts running into $2m and concurrent ROIs in excess of
$600,000 monthly awaiting collections, as our present partners are overwhelmed with volumes of inflow.Partner with us.Please, kindly open the attachment for more details.
[Reply to***@******.***]
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 1 year ago.


This is going to be a job scam. Any and every time you get an unsolicited offer via email promising you something too good to be true, it's going to be a fraud.

I assume that you have held jobs in your lifetime and that you know that legitimate jobs are not offered at random via email to total strangers. Employers hire their staff based on their experience, their aptitude and their ability to do the work. They conduct interviews, weed out candidates, and so forth. I'm sure you've been there/done that.

So called companies like this one, however, send out emails like the one you got by the thousands every day. And everyone who takes the bate will be a "Cash management partner." What that means is that, unbeknownst to the "employees" they will be laundering stolen funds for their "employer."

You'll be receiving checks, told to deposit them into your own account (or to a company account that you open at your bank with yourself as the sole signatory). Once you deposit them you'll be told to wire money to your employer and keep a certain percentage of the check's value as your commission as "partner."

The Federal government must give you access to funds you deposit in your account within 48 hours, so you'll be able to withdraw the money required by your "employer" and wire it off to China. But what you'll find is that each and every check will be forged or counterfeit and will bounce within several weeks. When that happens, you will discover that the money you've been sending to China is yours or, worse yet, your bank's. Account holders are strictly liable for what they deposit into or withdraw from their accounts. You will be out all of the money you wire to China and you will must pay back your bank for any overdraft that your unwise business venture created. You can even be prosecuted for bank fraud, and when you turn around to point your finger at your employer, you will find that they have disappeared into cyberspace.

Avoid this and any other unsolicited job offers that drop into your inbox They are all scams. You can read more about these check collection/check processing scams here.