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I 't know if this applies, but I have been trying to get a

Customer Question

I don't know if this applies, but I have been trying to get a lawyer for some time. My husband is diabetic a drives an tractor trailer. My husband injects insulinn when he is driving the truck. He has to do this before he eats, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and before going to bed. My husband has a special permit because of the insulin use, from the Diabetes Exemption Program. My husband was put out of work for five month's until the DEP gathered all the information they needed from the doctors. The optomologists had to fill out some forms. I asked the doctor to give me the results of the field test that was given at his office, whivh was requested from the DEP. I told him I wanted that to send it to the DEP, and he said, you don't want to do that. I asked why, and he said there is going to be problems. Then he told me here I'll show you, and he showed me a digital image of my husbands eye. It had some areas darher dark, lighter, coming from the middle of the eye, aoutwards. What's theis and he said, aaaahhhh, and shook his head like meaning he did something. We have been trying to get a copy of my husbands cahrt for abiut a year and he says, he has to go over it. This is the story, and my husband had applied for social security because it's not only his vision. his kidneys and other complications that he is having and the doctor has not sent the chart to them, even though my husband sighned a released form. I feel he is hiding something because he is not giving us the chart even though we requested in writing, called, went in person and nothing. Please if you can't help, point me in the right direction. I will appreciate that. Thank You.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  CalAttorney2 replied 1 year ago.

Dear Customer,

This is very unusual. Patients have a right to their medical reports, and it is generally very easy to get one. See this link for more information specific to your state (the bottom of the article has contact information to legal aid in New Jersey to assist you further):

For additional information about your husband's rights to his medical record, see this publication (it has much more detailed information regarding patient's rights as it pertains to medical records and more references):