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I was a patient at the local methadone clinic and was

Customer Question

I was a patient at the local methadone clinic and was discharged unfairly i believe. In the 5 months i was there i missed 4 groups and made up 2 of them. The first time i went due to no secirity present my wife was assaulted while in the dosing line. I pushed the woman who attacked her just far enough back that she could no longer agress my wife. I was immediately terminated however the woman who assaulted my wife was not disciplined in any way. I pushed my wife to keep attending and i began a grievance process that went nowhere helpful. So i began writing letters to the director. He agreed to let me come back and i began treatment again. The counselor i had first felt that he and i had too much in common and felt he was treating me unfairly by being hard on me so we agreed to a switch. My new counselor began holding the methadone over my head and because i missed two groups he began refusing my medication. In the 5 months i have been there i should have had 5 one on ones a treatment plan and everything else. I showed up to all my appointments i was supposed to however got forgotten about or flaked out on. And still do not have an active treatment plan, 5 months! Im a mental health patient on disability and i have ptsd anxiety bipolar agoraphobia and depression. Well i am very honest and straight forward and when these people began to see what kind of knowledge i possess and that i wasnt gonna let them mistreat me they took it to a level in which i was treated with spite. Almost two weeks ago my truck broke down and i was unable to get there for 10 days. Not to mention the week preceeding i was turned down to dose for ridiculous reasoning and not by any medical professionals but by an ex addict drug counselor. I ended up in violent dts and was taken by ambulance to the e.r. after going into multiple seizures. So i talked to nurse at clinic and was told i needed to come in asap and dose. I show up the next morning and this counselor tells me that since i was on contract for missing groups and terminated me without a 21 day detox. I not only missed the groups but also missed the medication and that was a problem with my truck that i fixed as soon as i could. Every ua i have had was dirty for meth and like i said no one made an issue out of it for five months and i am a drug addict so since it wasnt adressed i kept using. Heroin use stopped immediately after i started going, which was the reason i went to begin with. 5 months, no treatment plan. Tried many times to speak to my counselor over the last couple months, left dozens of messages and did not recieve one call back from this man. So this morning when im tryin to see the nurse he tells me of my discharge and he tells me that i can come back in 3 days if i have no meth in my system. But then tells me to make sure i have heroin in my system so i can dose when i come back. Ethically that has got to be the worst thing to tell a heroin addict who has been heroin free for several months. Also during this conversation i tell him that i have been working with the local drug enforcement and had too much going on to deal with this shit and tell him he is bound by confidentiality clause and he tells me he is going to to tell the director about my being a confidential informant, a straight forward violation of my rights. All these people are are drug dealers and if they dont like u for one reason or another they will hold that medication over your head just like dealers would do to addicts to get what they want. The way i have been flaked off and treated by these people at the very least is disrespectful and very much in my opinion unethical. Please let me know what i can do. Im not trying to be a part of a program like that but its the only thing that has kept me free of any opiate abuse. And now im gonna have to either go get opiates or start the withdrawals and seizures by tomorrow morning. I want to sue them, teach them that it is wrong to treat us like cattle. Not to mention there is one doctor for this place and over 2000 patients at this clinic, is that even legal?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 1 year ago.

I am sorry to read about your difficulties.

The Clinic may not be operating properly. Telling a heroin addict to make sure to have heroin in his system before he gets his shot is beyond belief. You would need to file complaint with the Department of Health so that the clinic can be investigated. Click on the link below for contact information:

It is suggested that you retain the services of a local Attorney who handles health care law to thoroughly review your case and see if a lawsuit can be filed against the clinic for the way you have been treated.

You can use the following sites to find local Attorneys: