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Dimitry Esquire
Dimitry Esquire, Attorney
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I want to know how to sue an auto dealership. They sold me a

Customer Question

I want to know how to sue an auto dealership . They sold me a wrecked car for like new price after telling that they car had no issue .I would have bought a wrecked car, also he promised me rate 1.99% and told me I would get a price 200.00 otherwise I would walked. This company(Koons) has hurt many people and so has gotten away with it. So far I could not find a lawyer who would take my case .Although several people has complaint with the BBB it seems like nothing happens .I stand to lose 1000s of dollars. Nobody would by a wrecked after seen on the car fax. The dealership is saying is the worth only 930.00 less the msrp . After I realized that lied to me I went to my bank and got refi . Since nada book price was about 2000.00 less the dealer price I had to come up with 1300 . I had to also buy wipers(how did the car pass inspection), tire and other. Since I could not find a lawyer I was going to court on my own only find it out that wasn't going be easy as I would be going up against a registered agent(lawyer) instead of the dealership. So far I contacted a congressman ,BBB, and State attorney who they lied to . I'm a honest citizen who follows the rules and my biggest mistake was trusting these guys . My boss was even ripped by them . I have seen drug dealers who have more rites them me . It seems like if had money I could by justice by broke people get nothing by the bill. Some people even give up on life because they feel like life is not worth living or take the law in their hands .To have people like this is a shame to have these people smirking thinking they above the law . Laws should work for all people but they don't .I have never known justice and would like to experience . After 35 adult years and this case maybe I should forget about justice. I've been homeless , hit and run twice almost gunned twice once by a police officer and I was working for a food delivery company at that time and unlike the other guys I never provoked the cop I was just at wrong place and the right time but I was working with a delivery sign on top of my car .I understand the police under duress but what he did was inexcusable
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  Dimitry Esquire replied 1 year ago.


Thank you for your question. Please permit me to assist you with your concerns. If I may ask, did you get a chance to see the carfax before you purchased the vehicle? Was the vehicle advertised as new? When, how long ago, did you purchase this vehicle and how soon did you become aware that this was information that was omitted?

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