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Greetings: Re: We Need Heat Mr.XXXXXX, the Protected Person

Customer Question

Re: We Need Heat
Mr.XXXXXX, the Protected Person
Greetings. We are not seeking someone to pay for a new furnace. We are seeking someone that will convince Jeanette and/or Gayle to have a new furnace installed in our home at our expense based on the information provided in this letter. My husband and I have contacted you with our concern, because in May 2015 when we informed specific individuals regarding our need for a home furnace, they did not respond; subsequently, we were forced to walk around in our home wearing heavy coats and slept in same during the entire month of May 2015.
The following individuals did not come to our aid nor showed any concern:
1. Judge Elizabeth XXXXXX, Denver Probate Court, sitting Judge for Mr. XXXXXX.
2. Jeanette XXXXXX, Successor Conservator and Successor Guardian to *****
3. Attorney Gayle XXXXXX, Guardian Ad Litem to Mr. XXXXXX
4. Mr. XXXXXX’s family (sister and daughter).
Mr. XXXXXX and I are very sensitive to cold weather; however, Jeanette XXXXXX, Successor Conservator has stated that we do not need a new furnace, despite the fact that four HVAC Technicians came to inspect our current home furnace and noted the following on their invoices:
1. There is a slow gas leak in the furnace; from Dr. XXXXXXXX
2. Do not turn on the furnace; from XXXXXXXXX Restoration.
3. Replace old furnace; from XXXXXXXX Plumbing and Heating Co.
4. Did not find gas leak, but would have suggested that we call an HVAC company, if
we had not done so; from XXXXXXXX Energy (no invoice because they are not an HVAC
Jeanette XXXXXX also cites, in writing, that there is no money. This statement is greatly untrue because there is a Reverse Mortgage on the home. This Reverse Mortgage became effective on June 1, 2015 and continues to the present day. The home once had a mortgage payment each month of $1,618.00; subsequently, said amount and more accumulates in his bank account each month.
As of 2014, Mr. XXXXXX’s finances were as follow:
a) Net Annual Annuity Income: $30,336.00;
b) Monthly expenses are currently $1,472.00 or annual expenses of $17,664.00;
c) Projected Annual Un-used Balance of: 12,672.00;
d) Cost for new home furnace is between $7,000.00 and $8,000.00; in addition,
e) Mr. XXXXXX has an American Express and Sears cards; therefore, payment for the
furnace can be applied to anyone of these cards, and negate the use of
Mr.XXXXXX’s investment.
Therefore, if there is no money as stated by Jeanette, then I am led to inquire, where is Jeanette allocating Mr. XXXXXX’s money? Mr. XXXXXX is forced to subsist on $200.00 per month by Jeanette. Jeanette writes monthly checks in the amount of $200.00 from Mr. XXXXXX’s bank account for him to subsist. Said amount covers food and transportation, and these terms are noted on all checks by Jeanette. Since this $200.00 per month is not nearly sufficient for food and not sufficient for transportation, I therefore, am forced to supply an additional $200.00 per month for his food and $27.00 per month or more toward his transportation (transportation money is used for his doctor or medical visits). I am also indirectly forced to pay some of Mr. XXXXXX’s other bills that Jeanette have not shown an interest in paying: examples; out-of-pocket medicals, lawn care, etc. I cannot report this to the Court, because the Court will state that Jeanette’s accounting is correct.
Winter season is knocking at our door; though Mr. XXXXXX has been diagnosed with various dementias, nothing has been done for his well-being; nothing. Attorney Gayle XXXXXX, Mr. XXXXXX’s Guardian Ad Litem collects checks from the State of Colorado for not doing anything for Mr. XXXXXX; not even give heat to him (furnace). Jeanette nor Attorney Gayle XXXXXX has responded to a Demand Letter regarding dangerous or much needed improvements to the home. We are in dire need of heat/furnace. Someone please help us. The Denver Probate Court System is broken and dishonest; subsequently, because of this dishonesty, I was removed as his Conservator and Guardian without hearing my views, and subsequently, replaced by Jeanette without my consent; in addition, we do not know her and she is not a family member. We are helpless and very much in-need of heat. We also seek to have these ladies removed from their positions.
Respectfully yours,
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law

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