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I rented a car with enterprise- i Got a duiin the rented

Customer Question

i rented a car with enterprise- i
Got a duiin the rented vehicle which i wasnt convicted of. So i can never rent through them again. However, i bought a car through a dealership and 10months later it needed service. During the service the dealership needed the car overnight and were going to get me a car through enterprise- i told them i wasnt allowed given an on going disput not mentioning my dui. After that the dealership gave me a demo car from their lot. During my use of the loaner vehicle, the car dealer called enterprise and asked an associate why i wasnt able to rent with them. The associate then told the dealer GM that i had a dui and was never allowed to rent with them again for life...
Do i have a case to make against enterprise from a legal standpoint?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 1 year ago.


In order to make a case against Enterprise, you would either have to show that Enterprise had a duty of confidentiality to you and that as a direct result of the breach of confidentiality you sustained economic damage or personal injury, or that Enterprise defamed your character by telling your dealership something about you that they knew or should have known to be untrue. Again, you would need to have sustained economic damage or personal injury as a direct result of Enterprise's statements.

Neither cause of action seems to apply in your situation. No, I don't see that you have any case against Enterprise on the facts that you have presented.