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I had my DirectTV DVR fail in such a way that it is sending

Customer Question

Hi, I had my DirectTV DVR fail in such a way that it is sending voltage through its HDMI port, and damaged both my tv and my stereo. The DVR causes my tv to shut down instantly if plugged in via HDMI, but no other sources do this (including my new DVR).
After their techs came out and watched the problem, and tested my home electrics and finding no problems, Directv has offered to pay me 350 for the used tv I picked up to replace the damaged one, but would not pay for my receiver since the problem is intermittent.
The third tech that installed the new DVR saw the problem with my stereo, but of course that "never happened". They would also not reimburse me for the 2 months worth of service I didn't have due to this problem, or the parts I had replaced in the damaged
tv trying to fix the issues caused by their DVR the whole time. The total for these is about $1200 total. I still have the old tv and DVR until this is figured out. My question is would I have a leg to stand on in small claims, if I could show with a voltmeter
that voltage is coming out of their DVR? Also, if I take them to small claims and lose, I assume they don't have to pay me anything? Wondering if I have a case or should just bite the bullet and take the money.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  Maverick replied 1 year ago.

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It sounds like you have a leg to stand on but that you would have to sue the DVR manufacturer for your loses and may have to join the Direct TV just to be safe and make sure you cover your basis so they don't point the finger at each other. Also, you would have to be able to recreate the problem in court or hire an expert to testify that their product is the source of the problem. You maybe could recover the expert witness fees if you win, but if you don't you would end up eating that cost. If you make more money putting in overtime at your job, I would take the $350 and do that instead since court cases are a gamble at best.

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