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Dimitry Esquire
Dimitry Esquire, Attorney
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I purchased kitchen cabinets from Tarallo the kitchen

Customer Question

I purchased kitchen cabinets from Tarallo the kitchen source. The cabinets were delivered, how ever they didn't install my sink and counter tops.The cabinets were installed on 8/16/15 by my building contractor.The kitchen source was suppose to have someone come and remeasure the counter tops because they told me sometimes after installing cabinets the walls shift and someone will come to measure within the week, well they came on 8/28/15 to measure. As of today they still didn't install my counter tops and sink i haven't had running water in my kitchen since 8/16/15. They told they would be installed by Friday 9/18/15. I went up to the store on that same day and it was a note on the store stating seizure by NYS department of taxation and finance section 1141 collections and civil enforcement division field operation region 4 for non payment of state taxes. I need my sink because i'm caring for 85 year old parent. I can't keep caring for him properly the way he should be cared for. I have to go get water from the bathroom. This is such a hassle. Please advise me on what should i do. Can i by the sink and counter tops over and sue for breech of contract. Everything was paid for. Please advise. Thank You
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  Dimitry Esquire replied 1 year ago.

Thank you for your question. Please permit me to assist you with your concerns.

To answer directly, you absolutely can file for breach of contract. My concern is what you would be able to accomplish. If the store is being seized over failing to pay taxes, there is a very real concern that they may go out of business or may not have the ability to issue you a refund. This is still your best option, or you can hire a new party to come in, measure, and then install (and then sue the store for your additional costs in hiring a third party), but my concern is that even if you do so there is a very real risk that you would not be able to recoup your costs. Still, pursuing them is still by far the best option you have at this time.


Dimitry, Esq.

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