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My car was towed from parking lot of my complex and the

Customer Question

my car was towed from parking lot of my complex and the towing compzmny didnt notied me till ten days later. i knew sooner and i called and i was told to bring $350.00 bucks after i went there the manager told me is $650.00 bucks, i got my personal stuff and i refused to pay that amount,I told them if they would notified first day I would be able to get the money and pick up my car,now i wont be able to afford it and get it out. I refused to pay the $650 .00 and i told them i would put a complain on them.after few days later around July 24th i got the same noticed from them to give them $650.00 when i called to talk to higher manager or owner the guy told me now is over a $1000 bucks that i need to come up .this company towed my van two weeks prior but not knowing that was my van that i just purchase the manger of complex made the call and my wav was towed and same day when i got up manager of complex told me my van was towed an same day i called this company and i paid $250.00 bucks and got my van back. But knew and this company don't notifies the people right away to make a big bill so either he gets big bills or he owns their car,this company is dis honest and needs to get punished buy the law,this time i wasn't notified by them again but it took few days to fined out. doesnt law says within three days they must notify the owner of the vehicle. i told them i want to talk to owner or higher position manager and i was told he is on vacation for another week and they want me to call back then,I got very sick following week and end up emergency hospital with stroke and almost lost one of my eyes,i am not feeling great but i need to do something about this right away to stop them from selling my car, please let me know,what could be done and arent they supposed to write me first three days to let me know they have my car impounded. They waited for a week to go by then send me a old notification from that date that i was there to legalize their paper work. this company dis honest and i will put a big complain against them.i could pay them right away if i knew. the story but now i want ,the law to make a decision on this people of dishonest,so tell me what is the chance,to win this case
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 1 year ago.

Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.

If they improperly towed your car and they failed to provide you notice and then wanted more money than they initially told you when you went in to recover your vehicle, this is an unfair and deceptive business practice. Your first step is to report them to the state attorney general consumer protection unit and many times they can negotiate a resolution.

If they cannot negotiate a resolution, you need to pay the tow company what they want and get your vehicle back first. When you sign the release do not agree to hold them not liable and they cannot legally force you to sign waiving your rights to get your car as long as you pay them the money they are seeking. If they refuse to release the car without you signing, you sign your name and put (under duress of refusal to release car) next to or under your signature.

Once you get your car back you can sue BOTH the tow company and also the apartment complex for improperly towing your car and not providing proper notice and also for the unfair and deceptive practices. You can seek up to three times the costs you paid as punitive damages for the unfair and deceptive business practices when you go to court.

IF they have done what you say, then you have a good chance of success in suing and winning here.

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