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We have paid $50000.00 to Real Estate Education Group in

Customer Question

we have paid $50000.00 to Real Estate Education Group in Lehi Utah. Now, we find out that company maybe a fraud that overcharge for theyre services. I am 67 and my wife is 79 and we have put all that money on credit cards after we were advise to do so. they said that it was necessary in order for them to teach us how to have a great income in real estate. we did that because we told them that we needed some extra income so that I would not have to put my wife in a nursing home. she is a heart patient and is not in very good health. what can we do to get our money back. it has been 11/5 month since we paid for that and I have not made any income yet. we feel like we have been overcharged for their services. can you tell us what to do? what are our recourse?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 1 year ago.


My name is ***** ***** I will assist you with this question.

Real Estate Education Group incorporated in the state of Utah on October 2, 2013. So they are a relatively new company, but they are nevertheless lawfully registered with the state. They are up to date with their fees and filing requirements and are listed on the Utah Secretary of State's corporate register as being an active Utah business in good standing.

They are also known to the Better Business Bureau which has opened a file on them recently. On their rating scale from A to F, the BBB has given them a D+ rating. You can see the review and the reason for the relatively low rating here.

So, this would appear to be a young company that doesn't have the best of reputations. Still, because it is a registered company rather than an out-and-out fraud, you have some legal remedies available to you.

First you need to look at your agreement with the company and see how you can walk away from this and what their refund policy is. If options are still available to you under the contract, follow the company's refund policy. If it's already too late for that, as it probably is, try to negotiate something with the company. If the company made promises on which they did not deliver, that gives you some bargaining leverage, and maybe they will agree to refund at least some of your money.

If they won't, you can contact your credit card carriers and see whether you can get chargebacks on the grounds that the company breached their contract to you and that you never got various things that you bargained for. If they will not assist you and it's too late for you to recover any of your payments from your them either, a good idea would be to contact a Utah lawyer to write a strong letter to the company, listing the various ways they have breached their contract with you and/or misrepresented their services and telling them that if they are not willing to refund your money then you will have no choice but to take them to court and sue them for breach of contract and for their fraudulent and deceptive trade practices.

A successful suit involving fraudulent and deceptive trade practices would entitle you to your money back PLUS TRIPLE DAMAGES, and if Real Estate Education Group cares at all about its reputation, the lawyer's letter may make them want to quickly resolve your matter.

To find a Utah civil consumer rights lawyer who can take on a case like this, contact the Utah Bar Association's Lawyer Referral Service. You do not have to retain a lawyer right now for anything other than the letter, so the cost should be minimal.

Meanwhile, you can file complaints with our various consumer protection agencies. Go to the Better Business Bureau's site and lodge a consumer complaint against the business. You can do that right on the BBB's website at The BBB will try to intervene on your behalf and to resolve your problem if the company is willing to work with them.
From there, file a complaint with the Utah state Attorney General's Office, with your own state's attorney general's office and with the Federal Trade Commission at

These government agencies may not intervene on any one person's individual situation. But when they get enough complaints to see a pattern and practice of unethical or fraudulent business dealings they can, and do step in. They haul the company into Federal court where the companies usually settle for enormous fines and heavy government sanctions. The money the government collects is distributed among those defrauded by the company. So even if they don't step right up to assist you, it's worth it to file a complaint.

You could also speak to the civil litigator about bringing suit on your behalf. As I indicated before, if they made fraudulent misrepresentations to induce you to sign up with them and breached a contract with you, you could potentiall recover your money and then some.

These are all of your civil options.

Hope this gives you some direction.