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I purchased four prints, one of a kind Elvis Presley for

Customer Question

I purchased four prints, one of a kind Elvis Presley for $4600.00. I paid it off through electronic check from my checking account. I got into financial difficulty, and eventually got layed off. I the prints from Daniel Lombardy, CEO of Newbury Press in San Francisco. He told me that he could sell one or two of the prints that I could do without and make good money for me to be able to pay my bills. He quit talking to me in January, 2015 and I have not been able to reach him since then. He has my money and the prints and I have nothing to show for the $3600.00. What can I do to either get the prints or my money?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 2 years ago.
My name is ***** ***** I will assist you with this question.
Newbury Press's website WHOIS shows that the site was launched in 2011 and is still active. The site owner/registrant is Daniel Lombardy in San Francisco. The Market STreet address matches the address on the website. The phone number is ***** and perhaps it can help you: (###) ###-####
The Better Business Bureau only just became aware of Newbury Press at the end of July. They have no complaints about the company, though they have not rated it yet.
There are no scam reports about the company and given the fact that the site is 4 years old and still active, no reason to believe they are not a legitimate company.
If you cannot reach the company, you can contact the Better Business Bureau at and file a complaint with them. You can also involve your state Attorney General's Office as well as the California Department of Consumer Affairs and file complaints with them too:
Legitimate businesses are protective of their reputation, and this may be enough for the company to be willing to come out of hiding and resolve the matter favorably for you.
If not, you can sue the company in California small claims court and get your money back that way.