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Almost 10 years ago we purchased a house, totally finished,

Customer Question

Almost 10 years ago we purchased a house, totally finished, it fact it was theire model home. Only later, we learned that the heating system was NOT included, because we "signed " a separate piece of paper, to belong to a club ( buying club) to purchase the propane from this company only and that the tank belonged to the propane comapny . We paid top prices over the years for there propane which I could have saved thousands of dollars buying on the open market. There is NOTHING in our deed. We could NOT purchase solar UNLESS we paid them a huge price for not using there product nor could we purchase propane from other dealers. - There are app. 51 single houses in this neighborhood. Our zip code is 17535. We unfortunatly bought the house in 2006. This selling of there Houses was preditory, no question about this in my mind.They knew that the housing market wa tanking but WE the people , new nothing. The houses than "sold" in the upper $ 300,000 and up to $ 700,000 .- Most original purchaser are gone, forclosed - short sales or people just left there house. The houses NOW selling for app. 30 or 40 or 50% less. None, I know of sold even close to what they were purchased for app. 10 years !!!!!! ago. -Across the street from us a $ 515.000 dollar house sold for app. $ 250,000 - next to us the house was forclosed -owner best I know is in jail. On the other side the house was owned by a Vietnamese couple now in forclosure and overgrown.Original sales price in the upper $ 400,000 / now $ 335,000 last I heard. Even at this reduced price apperantly no one is interested. The same builder Ryan homes, 10 yrs. later, still sells the same type of houses NEW for what NOBODY can sell there house here. Many of the families original were from somewhere else and I believe did not understand and were promised like US the builder is so nice .... I don't ever remember seeing anyone in the sales office other than pretty real young people , just past the teenage age, who always promised to any question " oh no, such a nice builder. ...the law would not allow "..My husband and I got a " life sentence. We are older and neither can we afford to lose THAT much money at our age. Presently there are at least 4 foreclosure in this neighborhood I believe and 1 house for sale for a minimum of 5 years, even at reduced price. No takers. Like I said before, many of as are from different countries - next door people were from Vietnam others - Philipine - Porto Rico - Ukraine - Germany - Hispanic - Romania etc. I am positive sure NONE of us anticipated that we are being "had." so big that we never could overcome this. 51 app. Houses ? all in the same boat. Never mind the personal toll it took on so many familys - divorce is rampant. Is there ANYBODY WHO COULD LOOK INTO THIS ?? THIS IS SOOO BAD AND IN MY EYES SO DISCRIMENATRY CAN THAT STAND ? ALL OF US NEED HELP. 10 YEARS LATER we just send another big chunck of money to the propane company in the amount of almost $ 2,000 so we can be FREE to purchase our propane on the open market. Not being a lawyer words like - colusion and deception comes to my mind. Another original home owner who paid over $ 515,000 for her house told me, that she learned at settlemnt about that she would not own the tank , except if she purchased it. She to was told, she would get her Propane for less .Never knew that the piece of paper they stuck under her nose was an extra $ 2,000 for an unsalable house. This is reality for us. Not sour grapes. Some one NEEDS to look into this, maybe the housing dept. from the Government. I have a feeling there is something really wrong. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN. THERE IS SOMETHING NOT RIGHT.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  CalAttorney2 replied 2 years ago.

Dear Customer, I am very sorry to learn of this situation. The law enforcement agency that you can report this to for investigation (fraudulent business practices and violations of the PA business and professions code) is the PA Attorney General. You can file a complaint here:

Keep in mind the AG does not prosecute individual claims (so they cannot get your money back for you), but they can prosecute them for administrative and criminal penalties.