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The mulch industry has had problems years concerning

Customer Question

The mulch industry has had problems for many years concerning quantity in the bags and the quality of the product in the bag. After reporting the quantity fill to the Department of Weights and Measures last year this problem has been resolved and most all producers are filling the bags as required and many even increased the size of their bags to accommodate the increased volumes.
The quality of the product in the bag is still unresolved and it is difficult to determine how to address this problem. The problem is that some producers and filling the bags with fiber from unknown sources such as yard waste, ground pallets or other waste materials and placing this material into bags labeled as Cypress, or Pine or some other type of mulch which is not accurate. This makes it possible for these producers to sell product at very low prices or make excess profits. Other producers who are using the correct wood fibers in keeping with the descriptions on the bag are priced out of the market and the consumer is the looser. The reseller does not care what the quality is as long as the price is low allowing them to sell at very low promotional price levels.
It is difficult to know how to attack this problem because our customer does not care what is in the bag as long as it cost less. The consumer is the looser because they are not receiving the product they think they have purchased and not able to visually tell the difference.
We would like to tell the proper authorities about this fraudulent procedure that is cheating the consuming public but we can not determine the proper authority who had jurisdiction over this matter.
Can you provide any suggestions.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  Infolawyer replied 2 years ago.

have you considered a complaint to the dept of consumer affairs? a class action lawsuit seeking an injunction, declaratory judgment and money damages?