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I purchased a rebuilt computer from ***** ***** because after

Customer Question

I purchased a rebuilt computer from ***** ***** because after charging my Laptop which had been down since last November 2014. He kept it overnight and had his wife to pick-up to take to there residence. We met and he stated that he charged laptop overnight and it was bad he had a rebuild one in which he guaranteed to last at least ten years. And, he was kicking in some the internet, such as, Opera, Mozilla FIrework and Internet[he stated was not as good as it use to be and that I should use the two he suggested. I stated that I had WIFI with Verizon.
He promised to include for just being a printer but upon deliver of computer he had left the printer at home and would drop it by next time. And, it never came. I stressed to him that I want to check on my emails because they accumulates rapidly and sometimes I've had over 1500 in a week.
He said that he guaranteed his work because that was his profession he dome im private industry. I stated that I had type on computer and knew somethings but the technical avenues I rather someone else do those. And, he said he was the man because if he couldn't fix it then it couldn't be fixed.
In the second week of our transaction I started having problems with it. He return to my home and I shown him what was happening. He wanted to see my WiFi black box and I told him that it was in the living-room while his wife and I stayed in my bedroom. He also have our email names, therefore, I would have contacted him via email. I contacted him numerous times approximately stating that I would like to reneged from the contract and that was the third week into the purchase. I pull the file that I had of the signed document with at the bottom of it. It stated "30-Guarantee". I called and called him days before the 30 days lapse and refused to answer his cellular phone in which I left him messages to contacted me via by returning my called. \
I contacted the two numbers and gotten Gracey [his wife] live and stated that the Computer was acting up. I could not get into my computer nor close out and I believe that it was ***** ***** invading my privacy not only that I like to respond to current event topics on the internet and whoever it is at one time it took me 6 times to get into my email that I had over 10 years. I even use another old email name in which I hadn't use since 2002. I only made one change and a new code.
I have called him up until today 7/24/2015 I left him a not to nice message that I would see him in court and that I would be writing to our city councilperson, Consumer Affairs,
and others.
What did I do wrongly other than called him several times. I gave him an opportunity to return my FUNDS without malice and take his computer back. I had said on numerous called and I told his wife, Gracey.
He did not respond not until today. And, question my statement left in which he told the police that I threaten to do bodily harm. That is a lie! He has all the the message that I send him. I threaten with court, letters to different people. He told me that he and his wife were deacon/deconess. I heard that before he is dishonest.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 2 years ago.
Hello: This isCustomer I am a licensed Attorney and I will be assisting you today.
I have carefully reviewed your post. However, I did not see a specific question. What is your specific question? What do you need help with?