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Ive asked to evaluate the below aditional information to my

Customer Question

Ive asked to evaluate the below aditional information to my previous question. This additional information was sent by way of my email acct. You probally never got it because I just learned this is the proper place to ask my questions. The add on to my
initial question is placed below. Thanks in advance. ps My second payment apears to have cause me a overdraft but appears to be paid. Please verify. Ive only used one question, do I still have 4 questions left.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I forgot to post the additional information. I went back and posted that extra data, sorry.
Expert:  Lucy, Esq. replied 2 years ago.
I'm sorry, but I do not see any additional information on this or your other question. To avoid confusion, be sure to keep all responses on THAT question page. I need to know what it was about my Answer that you found deficient.
Customer service can answer questions about your account. I'm afraid I do not have the ability to see account detail.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
To:***@******.*** Cc:***@******.***Dear *****ph,Thank you for your email. Ally Financial is reporting the account to Transunion as a repossession. However, they are reporting the car loan as a positive account with no reported delinquencies to the other two bureaus.We would recommend that we move to an escalated challenge for this repossession at this time. Escalated challenges can potentially remove negative information that has been previously challenged but has not been deleted from your reports. When an account is submitted for an escalated challenge, we email you the dispute letters that will go out to each of the bureaus and you will need to print out the letters, take them to your bank to have your signature on the letters notarized and then return the original notarized letters to our escalations team who will forward them to the bureaus.If you would like to move forward with this escalated action, please respond to this email with your consent for us to submit this account for escalation.We feel that engaging a lawyer to help you sort out this mess with Ally is a wise move on your part. Ally has behaved outrageously and we would imagine you have good grounds to move forward in a civil suit against them.Sincerely,Your Team
P.O. Box 3928
Salt Lake City, Utah###-##-####**@******.***(###) ###-####
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Will the below additional data change your previous exportation. Hello Mr. Powell Joseph L > I purchase a 2013 Kia Soul, Sept 2013- thru Ally FINANCIAL fINANCIAL. Jan > 2014 - I separated from my wife. > I moved to greenville NC. Apon arriving in Greenville,
I called ally bank > and ask if they could take my car payment directly from my Bank ACCT. They > said no but I could send it West UNion. I just descided to mail it. From > Ally Bank contact us page, listed mail payment address with instructions. > Ally Bank
PO BOX 13625 > Philadelphia Pa. 19101 My wife made all carpayment up to Jan 2014. I > began making payment starting Feb 2014.Feb check cleared, March payment > cleared. April payment did not clear right away. I call Ally to find out > why. They said they had
not recieved any payment since Jan.2014. I > explained to them I sent all payment to Ally Bank Phil PA. They said they > wasnt familiar with Ally Bank nor where they related. They said they need > 1433. ( 3 car payments and $433. for Tow charges)This wiped
my bank acct > out. I didnt mind, I was 99% sure they would quickly find out that I was > telling the truth and give my money back. They said they was trying to > contact me at my old address in Texas. Im sure they did. I ask my wife > whom remained in our
home in Texas ( If Ally had tried to contact me, my > wife tells me she believe they left a message for me on the answer mach. I > didnt waste my time asking her why she failed to notify me.I believe Ally > bank call my Texas HOME every day for probally 2.5
mons. My wife is > bitter at our separation.I believe Ally Bank should have call me on my > cell Phone or email me. Thier bank system should have recorded my cell > number when I called them from my cell phone and new address. My new > address was on all the
envelopes I sent with my payment. I was told > several times that Ally Bank and Ally financial was not related. They > reposessed my car within 24hrs. I sent them $1433. the following day. The > auto consummer clerk recieved the money Grahm and release my
car. I called > the Garage, they said it was not released. I prayed and repeated this for > 2 days. I told them I would not call them any more and I would be seeking > legal advice. The lord spoke to my heart. Give them another try before > seeking legal.
I called Ally auto the following day. They asked me where > is my car. I told her I would pray for us both and respectfully said > goodbye. The lord said, NOW GO TO LEGAL. > Im a retired Non commissioned officer with 19.5 years US Army (early > retirement
Medical) I then went on to work with soldiers in > BOSNIA-AFGHAN-KUWAIT-IRAQ. An additional 7years. would appreciate legal > advice. If you cant give legal advice;what would a intelligent customer be > expected to do. Thanks in advance. > > Powell Joseph L
> US Army Retired > Greenville NC > > > Using Opera's mail client: Joseph Powell 5/22/15 On 1 June 15 please withdraw $33. Re open question--go over additional data.. Then contact me with your answer. Just execute. Notice my cc to
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