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My Name is***** would like to know what steps do I need

Customer Question

Hi. My Name is***** would like to know what steps do I need to take to bring a $17,000.00 Illegal Judgement Against me and my Daughter Tiara and My Son Charles McCain. We rented a Apt/ Condo in Gardena from Rolando Blue Suppose Real Estate Person. Only to find out after being rob taken advantage of by Mr. Blue. Never could get in touch with The Real Owner Grady Dixon. We ended up Hiring a attorney. The case was thrown out in long beach we had move from the place after the case was thrown out. Now my son Charles needs an apt but is unable to get one for we all have this judgement on us the same attorney Taylor that represent us did not protect us like he should now he does not wish to help us. Knowingly that he was the one that had been paid in full to represent us me
R Dixon needs to go after mr, blue and not us. Now we is a rude the same attorney wants more money to supposedly going to tried and filed paper works. I rather get a new attorney to help me and my family. He also was to help us we got nothing but this judgement against U.S. and cannot even find a place to live please help.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  attyadvisor replied 2 years ago.
Hello Enna it would be my pleasure to assist you.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
We were even paying Mr. Rolando Blue $275.00 and Above for Elecrticity. And Gas. Our lights was Constantly Getting DisConnected. And Mr. Blue would say that we did not pay the shortly after our Neighbour Mr. mike ask us why we were constantly in darkness I told him about the light he notified us that the light was no more than $20to $40dollars amount for the light bills is paid by all tenants so I got in touch with Southern California Edison and they told me that Mr. blue was the one requesting the constant light cut off so I had to pay cannot remember if it was $99.00 or More for security and to ensure that our lights was never disconnected. Unless I ask the them to so Mr. Blue was paid both by Postal Money Order Cash Deposit into Bank of America in Gardena Hawthorne and also his House on HiPoint in Los Angeles, We Suffer a lot of Losts not attorney Taylor nor Dixon. Every time I would ask about the owner before even knowing his name until the tenant beneath us saw what blue was doing and gave me a number for Dixon. I did go by the address of Suppose to owners address only to find out that it was mr. blue brother address. Now here comes the owner talking about he wish he could hold me and hug me and telling me everything,is going,to work out and that he would not hurt me. I turn him down. I am Deeply Sadden by this I am a heart patient I have suffered 2 heart attached since this episode as I so called it. It's so much more to say. Please help IT IS NOT RIGHT THAT THIS SHOULD BE FOLLOWING US ALL OF OUR LIVES AND NO RELIEF INSIGHT. I want to sue both mr. Dixon and Rolando Blue. We found this place thru Craig list met with blue and had sent to him the $2200 $1200 thru BofA in Ontario where we were force to stay in a hotel for
Expert:  attyadvisor replied 2 years ago.
First have you filed a State Bar complaint against the attorney?
Expert:  attyadvisor replied 2 years ago.
It appears that you are trying to have a judgment against you and your daughter released. Can you tell me when the judgment was entered? Did your attorney appear in court on your behalf?
Expert:  attyadvisor replied 2 years ago.
You can either have the judgment vacated depending on the date it was entered or try to negotiate a settlement, Can you tell me the date and if the attorney appeared in court on your behalf?
Expert:  attyadvisor replied 2 years ago.
The Statute of limitations for a restitution lien is 10 years from the date of filing Texas Statutes - Article 42.22: Restitution Liens Sec. 12. (a) A restitution lien expires on the 10thanniversary of the date the lien was filed or on the date the defendant satisfies the judgment creating the lien, whichever occurs first. The person having an interest in the lien may refile the lien before the date the lien expires. A lien that is refiled expires on the 10th anniversary of the date the lien was refiled or the date the defendant satisfies the judgment creating the lien, whichever occurs first.b) Failure to execute or foreclose the restitution lien does not cause dormancy of the lien.(c) The clerk of the court entering the judgment creating the restitution lien shall maintain a record of the outstanding balance of restitution, fines, or costs owed. If the defendant satisfies the judgment, the clerk shall immediately execute and file for record a release of there stitution lien with all officers or entities with which the affidavit perfecting the lien was filed, as indicated by the notice received by the clerk under Section 7(h) of this article, unless a release was executed and filed by the person who filed the affidavit to perfect the lien.(d) A partial release of a lien as to specific property maybe executed by the attorney representing the state or a magistrate who signs an affidavit described by Section 6 of this article on payment of a sum determined to represent the defendant's interest in any property to which the lien may attach.
Expert:  attyadvisor replied 2 years ago.
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