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Chase Bank has maliciously instilled 7

Customer Question

Chase Bank has maliciously instilled 7 Chase Bank has instilled without any review an uncompromising 7 Chase Bank has instilled on my renewed mortgage a horrible sum of 7 I Have been victimized by Chase Bank in renewing my mortgage and buying it from my credit union's work list of 7%. i have paid it religiously for more than 30 years perfectly. However, now their intrigue besides refusing to lower this interest under and all of all circumstances and rights has added collecting six of my future mortgage checks, not accepting the idea of fraud in one of their local banks. . and on top of this adding late fees and credit degradation to my credit scores without sign of any relief in any of the religion of great banking service. . I am a senior, both mentally and physically handicapped, and Chase refuses to recognize the situation of their fraud, the untimely and unfair late fees, presuming first of all, that nothing and no one can stop them or question them. I need a specialist on the Procedures and Laws of Nevada State Banking, and I will need some kind of help with the expense involved with this type of rescue for me from this chain of bank. . There actions have untimingly taken much of the money I had to make ends meet and I really don't know where to go to get this bank to allow me to make and equity loan and lose them forever. I am quite ill and incapacitated over all this, but Chase refuses to listen, help, return monies not called for, and with the sole reasoning for me to re-finance they have given my credit reliability a slap in the face. They truly are holding on to me (even with my 2 month attempt which they destroyed to legally lower my interest that was falsified and maintained by them. . They are literally "killing me" and are unquestionably doing everything to hurt my credit and my living expense monies. No uncompromising attorney will even consider my case or have any intention to ever help me in this charade of a bank. . What can I do, I am getting sicker and more frustrated by the day. I haven't checked the Federal Government's help as yet, and the local attorneys seem to not be able to get rid of me fast enough. .What can I do without losing everything I own to pay for this what seems to be a very trying deed . Sincerely ***** *****

Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.
Before we proceed, please understand that state law forbids us in representing anyone from this site and as such we are allowed to only provide information to customers regarding their situation and their options based on the laws.
In order to proceed, if you agree on those terms, can you please give us a brief statement with each of the facts in your situation that led to your question today? Thank you.