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Category: Consumer Protection Law
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My name is*****

Customer Question

My name is*****# ***** Order ID# ***** and I have been conversing with Andrea regarding a new vehicle purchase and how the dealership basically swindled myself and my parents into signing a contract that was nothing like what
they were stating it was supposed to be. I have a couple more questions that I need answered before I go forward filing with the Attorney General, etc. I have recently found out that my name is ***** ***** the finance paperwork however my father is still listed
as the primary owner of the vehicle and I am secondary owner which was not how this was supposed to be and the finance person I spoke with from the beginning knew this as well as everyone I spoke with along the way. Also I have recently come to find out that
they haven't paid off my auto loan for the Challenger that I traded in for this truck trade in on the car was $15,800.00 which would cover the entirety of the loan and this has put in a 30 day plus out on payment on my loan. I was also wondering if I should
retain a local attorney for this matter or would handling it myself with the assistance you have given be enough? Please advise asap thank you and have a wonderful day. Suzan XXXXXX
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law

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