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We purchased 2 vehicles on the 16th of May from a dealership

Customer Question

Hello we purchased 2 vehicles on the 16th of May from a dealership we had purchased 3 cars with prior. I have diagnosed extreme PTSD and Anxiety disorders that have me on disability from the sheriffs office. We explained to the same salesman we have bought all 5 cars from total that we needed to come in and browse the lot without being bothered choose our vehicles and have him run numbers over night. This ended up not being the case. He started running numbers while we were browsing the lot and by the time all was said and done they took my previous vehicle with my name on it and got me into a newer model of the same vehicle however this time my name is ***** ***** the contract at all. They called my mother as a potential co signer by pulling up her information from her previous purchase there and ran her credit without her permission. They then got us down to a payment we deemed fair. We wanted no higher than 600$ a month on both vehicles they got it to 606$ @ 4.2% interest. Well they take us back to sign papers and we had a 6 year old son and a 10 month old baby so they express signed us so to speak the paperwork was all folded into 3rds and had X's and O's and highlights for yellow boy and pink girl. They would not let me sign on my own vehicle instead they drew up the paperwork with my mother as the OWNER of MY vehicle and my wife as the cosigner and me and my wife as the owner / cosigner on the smaller purchase priced car. My mother never agreed to this nor was she present or offered any type of gap / warranty coverage. We have always taken these coverages. They sent a lot runner to my mothers house again with a paper folded into 3rds and had her come outside in front of her home with only a small white contract present they told her it was to run her credit and be approved for the 4.2% low and behold they had actually gained her signature to be the main signer on the vehicle. The interest rate came back 2 or 3 days later @ 4.7 $ upping the payment further than we wanted and my mother refused to help at this point she told me to get my car back and she would only be a co-signer. I returned to the lot and was told to wait outside they sent the GM of the dealership out to greet me and he never even told me his name and told me I could not return my car and that because my name was not on the contract I had no say in the vehicle anymore. He stated he had nothing further to discuss with me and that my family shouldn't have signed the paperwork and that I could not leave the lot. This is not a case of "buyers remorse" as they stated it was that the agreed upon discounts and payoffs and interest rates were not met. We are now in a very bad position financially with this company and for way less value on vehicles. Did they have a right to run the business on these vehicles this way? We still have not been told we are approved on either vehicle @ 4.2 % and it is now 11 days later. They will also not answer to us on the phone unless it is directly the GM of the dealership. They are so bitter to keep the sale the GM stated he would eat any price difference just to keep the 2 units sold to get them at 4.2% however again that has not been approved. I have submitted a claim with and was going to do one as well with BBB and now I am seeking an attorney. I believe the reason they don't want me to have my car back is because they already sold it. Please help. I am lost and angry with mental disabilities.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  CalAttorney2 replied 2 years ago.
Dear Customer, I am sorry to hear of this situation. While I do see that you have hurdles to cross with regards ***** ***** (the presumption is that signers to a contract have read and understood what they have signed) the context that you have described appears fraudulent and overreaching).You have already done everything that I would suggest you do (file a claim with the AZ Attorney General, file a dispute with the BBB, and if that fails, hire a local attorney). I don't have any further suggestions, other than to continue to follow up with these individuals. Unfortunately, this case is not going to be resolved overnight, so be patient and be persistent, but I do believe that you should have a favorable resolution (if you are flexible with finding a solution that is mutually agreeable - such as coming up with a way to purchase vs. a complete voiding of the sale - the dealership may be more willing to settle early - but you are getting local counsel to advise you, so please rely on their expertise as they will have all of the information necessary to assist you and I cannot substitute my information on this "Q&A" for theirs, but please be assured that you are taking all of the proper actions at this time).I do wish you the very best at this time, and again, be patient and persistent. You are taking the correct actions at this time.

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