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Do I have legal recourse substantial

Customer Question

Do I have legal recourse for some substantial restitution for the unsatisfactory hotel stay summarized below? (30 days in a Comfort Inn Suites hotel in Bluffton, SC, under renovation
that resulted in serious degradation and interruption of daily essential services. Thank you for your response,
We were in effect trapped in a long-term, pre-paid stay in a hotel under renovation. Frequent and urgent appeals to hotel Manager, and Choice Customer Support for relief and restitution were fruitless.
Two staff members were outstanding and very helpful - Annie, Breakfast Service Manager, and Joy, Front Desk. (Housekeeping staff was also hard-working, but lacked management support for such basics as adequate room linen to get through the day). The Manager (Charles) performance was just the opposite. A prime example was his response to a major complaint we registered with Choice Hq - the daily, and often extended interruption of wi-fi services during the first two weeks of our stay. The Manager falsely asserted to Krista in Choice Customer Support that there had been no wi-fi interruption during our stay.
This falsehood, combined with his stonewalling in handling our complaints associated with the noise, dust, hallway traffic confusions and obstacles, and parking difficulties assures we will forever avoid this facility. His performance also affects negatively the overall Choice Hotel reputation for us.
His insensitivity is only equaled by Choice's Customer support. They initially offered only a quarter of a night's worth of points in restitution (for our 30 unsatisfactory days at Bluffton), then a half-night's worth, and finally a full night's worth of 16,000 points that would only work at a low requirement point location like Bluffton. This ranks as our most unsatisfactory hospitality experience in over 60 years of worldwide travel. It also represents a disgrace to the Choice Hotel name and reputation.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law