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Hello. Luxury Concierge Services say they have a Mexican corporate

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Hello. Luxury Concierge Services say they have a Mexican corporate buyer for my Dad's timeshare. They say they jumped into the resale of timeshare business about 2 years ago. They have said there are Mexicans that want to buy timeshares because they get into the US with cheaper VISAS than if they tried to just come visit. We only signed an agreement to sell & set up a separate bank account receive the funds from a bank in Mexico (Banamex). Then came the surprise that funds would not be released until we sent 4,500 in SAT tax first. They said the laws in Mexico had changed and the SAT had to be paid up front before the bank would release the funding. I called BBB in CA about this company and they are not a member but didn't have any complaints at this time. They supposedly do concierge services for businesses to get places for the business travelers. Here's the information just received from Luxury Concierge Services:
"As a Vacation Ownership Property, the sale of Desert Springs Villas II is subject to International Resale Taxes. Mexican Law states that tax obligations are to be paid by residents abroad prior to receiving funds from the buyer. Sellers may have the taxes deducted from the proceeds of the sale if they meet one of the following requirements: (1) possess full time residence status in Mexico (2) have one or more dependants that are legal residents of Mexico (3) own full time property in Mexico (4) have a valid CURP ID number in Mexico. This is a new procedure set forth by the Mexican authorities insuring the appropriate taxes are paid to the government.
1. SAT taxes can be paid at selected SAT offices located in Mexico City and Guadalajara and locations can be found using the website.
2. SAT taxes can be paid using a legal representative of your choosing however Luxury Concierge Services is in no way responsible for their actions.
3. SAT taxes can be paid using the legal representative set forth on the SAT form, and Luxury Concierge Services is legal responsible for this transaction.
If you choose option three we at Luxury Concierge Services guarantee the process for the tax amount of $4,480.00 USD incurred during the transaction of the sales process to be paid to the Mexican Government within 24 hours of receipt of the payment. Luxury Concierge Services guarantees and takes full legal responsibility for the full completion of this transaction in a timely manner."
If this is real the final funds paid for the timeshare will reimburse my parents for the SAT tax but only if that really happens.
I appreciate your consult on this matter. Thanks

How did you find this company? Do you have a website for them?

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

They found my parents saying it was common to have lists of people that own timeshares. They were making cold calls and my Dad had been wanting to sell so we went down the path to understand how they worked. They're website is:


The time share reseller market is overrun with scammers and one hallmark of them is that they cold-call their prospective victims. Some legitimate resellers may too, but they would have a telemarketer's license.

In any case, a common scam is that the reseller will tell you that they have a buyer for your Mexican time share. They ask you for an up front fee for the Mexican taxes. There's no buyer, no real company, and your money disappears along with your reseller into thin air. When you go to find the company, the details they gave you do not check out. You could sue them or have them prosecuted if you can find them, but they could be anywhere at all.

So what you want is a timeshare reseller with a long and successful track record. This one is not it, and while I can't prove it's an out and out scam, I cannot recommend it for the following reasons:

- The company claims to be in California, but they are not registered with the California Secretary of State, where they should be.

- The WHOIS information behind the company website shows that the company registered its domain name only 6 months ago. They are brand new. You can verify this for yourself by going to and running the company's WHOIS.

- The domain name has been reserved for one year only, the least amount of time that one can register a name for. Websites that intend to stick around for the long haul don't do that. For a number of professional and practical reasons, they register their name for years in advance.

- Sections of the copy on their website are stolen whole cloth from other websites. This is a violation of copyright law. Legitimate businesses do not infringe on other companies' intellectual property rights. You can find the second paragraph of this company's home page on several other sites. (see link) In fact, if you look at other paragraphs, you can find them elsewhere too.

- A reverse search of the address shows no matching property.

They make it most convenient for you to send the up front fee to them. In fact, that's likely what it will have to come down to.

For all of the above reasons, I would not recommend doing business with this company.

You can do a search for reputable resellers in your area through the Better Business Bureau's directory of accredited businesses. These are reviewed and vetted by the BBB. I will link you to the site. You just need to type in "timeshare reseller" in the box on the left, and your location on the right. You'll get businesses in your area that have some kind of a history.

Another place to check out before you sign any contract with a reseller is and tug's forum called Tug2 is made up entirely of Timeshare owners who have all learned from their mistakes and are eager to educate others and help them sell their timeshare while avoiding problems.

Also, because of the scam problem in this industry, the Federal Trade Commission has published a useful pamphlet, pointing out how to spot a scam and also telling you what questions you ought to ask a reseller before you contract. (see link)
Read this and study it. Make sure you get all your concerns answered before you contract with any reseller. It may be too late afterwards.

Good luck!

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