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hello. i have won a judgment against a private person. However,

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hello. i have won a judgment against a private person. However, i have difficulty collecting. I have his phone #. how can i find out who his cell phone provider is? I tried Spokeo but it doesnt give acurate information. how can I go about it? thank you
Hello, the number may not be listed. You may seek to have a subpoena issue to the cell phone company for the information. You may serve him with a post judgment subpoena seeking information on assets. You may also let a collections firm handle searching for assets, for which the firm, often works on contingency fee basis of 1/3 of recovery and most such collection claims are handled that way. and are both good resources. Kindly click on an excellent rating for the answer.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

had no idea one can get a post-judgment subpoena. How enforceable is it? the person in fact is listed, even his email address is, but the cell phone provider is listed as nextel which is obviously old info. How can i track down the phone provider?

The court clerks office can help with it. It can help to have him answer questions about assets and then held in contempt if does not answer. You can try entering the number in google and see if anything comes up. The number may not be listed so tracking the number wont work without his consent or without a subpoena. The subpoena can issue to Nextel for information relating to the number. Best of luck. Kindly click on an excellent rating for the answers.
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