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My boyfriend recently tried setting up a new Direct TV account.

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My boyfriend recently tried setting up a new Direct TV account. He paid $130 for our installation. When Direct TV didn't show up he called to find out why. They told him they cancelled our installation because he had an outstanding balance of $650 on a previous account. He told them that he has never had Direct TV before. After looking into the situation we found out that his ex-wife used his social security and his information to get a Direct TV account for herself. This was obviously unauthorized and he had no idea she had done this. They live 200 miles apart. She opened this account in September of 2012. They have been separated since 2009. Direct TV is telling him that they can't do anything about this and this is his responsibility since they are still legally married. They do have divorce papers filed but it has not been finalized yet. In the divorce papers it shows their separation date of April 2009. He also has proof that he was not living at the address at the time she had opened the account. Direct TV also took his $130 installation fee and put it towards her bill. He does not want to file criminal charges on her as they have children together and does not want her to go to jail. We want to know if Direct TV has any right any doing this and can we fight this?
Have you considered a civil action against the ex for fraud?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

He thought about it but the reason why she is using his information is because she has horrible credit, has filed bankruptcy and is constantly being evicted because she has a gambling problem. Even if he did sue her he would never see any of the money. Are we able to fight this with Direct TV. We want to know if what they are doing is legal.

You may pursue a complaint with management and seek a waiver of fees given the fraud and complain to the BBB and attorney general office.

Alternatively, would sue the ex on basis of fraud.

Legally, the company is not violating the law, but practically, it often will waive the fees if pressed.
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